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What are the main customers of mold design and manufacturing companies? – europuppyblog

1 thought on “What are the main customers of mold design and manufacturing companies?”

  1. Your question may not be clear:
    If according to mold design: 1 minority mold manufacturer (most mold manufacturers have design), 2 small mold parts processing plants (such as 10-20 scale scale scale scale scale Small factories), 3 are some trading companies (for example, they receive work to find design companies design molds, and then find small manufacturers to make molds to control costs).
    If according to mold manufacturing: 1 minority large company generally does not have a department that manufacture molds by themselves, because they may cost more than the cost of purchasing molds and the cycle; so they generally have to be there in it Make molds outside. Customers like this come from: 1 medical equipment industry company, 2 plastic products industry companies, 3 electronic industry companies, 4 food industry companies, 5 household appliance industry companies, 6 automotive industry companies, etc.
    If for the company that designs and manufacture molds: then their customers will come from the above two categories of customers.
    think you can add points. Thanks!

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