5 thoughts on “Where can I rent a bicycle in Zhuhai?”

  1. Couple road, there is a wild raccoon. Double bicycles or something. Calculating at hours, it is very expensive.

    The No. 3 Middle School of Zhuhai (junior high school) has a large bicycle store opposite, which can rent a bicycle.

    is not bad. The original poster can go and see.

  2. Where do you ride? Intersection Intersection Intersection
    I usually at the door of Nanga Island.
    It hours seems to be 10 yuan, which is very expensive. Essence
    and it’s relatively bad, but there is no danger! Intersection Intersection
    o (∩_∩) o haha ​​~ o (∩_∩) o haha ​​~ o (∩_∩) o haha ​​~ o (∩_∩) o Haha ~
    Consider it!
    from: Tong Tong! Intersection Intersection

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