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Where can I rent a bicycle in Zhuhai? – europuppyblog

Where can I rent a bicycle in Zhuhai?

Our company wants to engage in a collective riding event in Zhuhai. It is better to ask Zhuhai where to rent a bicycle?

5 thoughts on “Where can I rent a bicycle in Zhuhai?”

  1. Changzhuhai rides to tell you some points
    1. There are many bicycle shops in Zhuhai, but there are very few old brands. Either I just started
    2. There are actually a lot of car rental, but you said that there are dozens of hundreds … Zhuhai is also the largest Xiamei Road Jetiant store. n3. I do n’t know if your company only needs to rent a car. It is more suitable for the whole set of cycling services. In this service, Xia Meijiate seems to be the best
    4. Most of the major cycling events in Zhuhai are reported by them. The boss is the chairman of the Zhuhai Cycling Association, so you need not consider credit issues
    The question is the main plan to ride, does it go to a team?

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