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  1. 1. External factors
    1. National macroeconomic regulation policy will slow down the growth rate of the construction industry to a certain extent
    industrial production fixed asset investment, major investment projects, land approval, credit is this time this time is Important content of macro regulation. In the first half of 2004, the purchase area of ​​real estate development land increased by only 2.8% year -on -year, of which 19.5% and 18.1% were decreased by 19.5% and 18.1% year -on -year. Among the sources of investment funds for fixed assets in cities and towns, domestic loans increased by 28.4%, a decrease of 30.8 percentage points from the first quarter. The momentum of currency credit growth is controlled. At the end of June, the RMB loans increased by 1.43 trillion yuan from the beginning of the year, an increase of 35.1 billion yuan year -on -year. The growth rate of loans declined month by month, an increase of 20.1% year -on -year at the end of March, and fell to 19.9% ​​at the end of April. At the end of May and at the end of June, it fell further to 18.6% and 16.3%.
    The impact on the macro regulation on the construction industry is mainly reflected in three aspects: (1) the increase in the output value of the construction industry fell. In the first three quarters of 2004, the total output value of the construction industry in the country’s construction industry was 1648.7 billion yuan, an increase of 22% over the same period last year, and the growth rate fell 5.5 percentage points from the first half of the year. 9.9 percentage points fell in the first half of the year; (2) increased the financing threshold of construction enterprises; (3) the rise in raw material prices slowed down.
    2. Although the consolidation of the segmentation of the bar is being broken, the unified construction market in the country has not yet formed
    The current monopoly, departmental division, regional blockade impact and disturbing unity, openness, and competition in my country’s current construction industry market industry. The formation of the building market. The long -term planned economic system and local protectionism formed in the process of reform and opening up form a segmented industry structure. This structure has two major characteristics of space and industry distribution: (1) Most construction companies belong to the local area, and their business activities are mainly in the region and it is difficult to enter other regions. Business, so many large -scale construction companies are only concentrated in a certain major. The professional scope of enterprises is narrow and lacks comprehensive competitiveness.
    The “Decision on improving the market economy system” of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In terms of the construction of the market system, it has pointed out the reform tasks such as “accelerating the construction of a national unified market”. The barriers of protection in the industry, at the same time, the construction market protection barriers in the industry and departments also have a trend of accelerating demolition. However, the phenomenon of division will still exist in a certain period of time, and it is difficult for construction enterprises to have a certain strength to become stronger and stronger.
    3. The order of the construction market is relatively chaotic, the market’s main behavior is irregular, and the phenomenon of engineering funds is serious. It is more common, leaving hidden dangers for construction quality and safety. Although the number of bidding for projects has increased year by year, unpopular behaviors such as dark box operations and receiving rebates during the bidding process generally exist. The local construction authorities, relevant regulatory departments, and owners’ own behaviors themselves are not standardized, and interference in project contracting through administrative instructions also affects normal market competition.
    Due to the fierce competition in the construction market, the construction phenomenon of capital cashier is generally existed, and some project funds are not implemented. As a result, the project funds cannot be paid after completion. Form legal reasons for the arrears of engineering funds. As of the end of 2003, the cumulative arrears of projects across the country reached 360 billion. The State Council ’s latest State Development Office 2003 [94] number focused on solving the problem of engineering funds, and the method of arrears projects has been formulated in various parts of the country. rn4.由于规模层次不明显,行业集中度过低,导致众多建筑企业在同一水平上过度竞争rn从我国建筑企业的资质构成上,可以大概反映出企业的规模构成,因为The qualification level of the enterprise and the size of the enterprise are closely positively correlated. From the comparison of the Lorenz curve, it can also be seen that the concentration of my country’s construction industry is low, enterprises are large, comprehensive, comprehensive, and small, and the full phenomenon is not obvious. In terms of competition, the level of competition has not been opened, and thousands of troops cross the wooden bridge. To some extent, some of the profits of construction companies have been crowded out of excessive competition. Taking listed companies in construction enterprises as an example, in 2001, most profitable construction companies have a yield of less than 0.1 yuan per share. The average gross profit margin of 19 listed construction companies is only 0.97%, which is at the lowest level of various industries in listed companies. Due to the pressure from shareholders, in the case of difficulty in building construction, the real estate development business has made up for the profit source of the construction enterprise, and the state -owned construction enterprises are particularly prominent in this regard.
    In response to the above problems, the Chinese government will start to adjust the construction industry structure from five aspects: (1) Establish a market operating mechanism, allocate resources in the market, adjust the relationship between the main body of investment and construction, and form a reasonable and fully and sufficient one Market competition pattern; (2) speed up the merger and reorganization of construction enterprises, give full play to the joint advantages and scale effects, improve the overall profitability of my country’s construction industry; (4) Administrative access to market access is market access, reforming construction enterprise qualification management systems and construction management systems, establishing an industry clearing system, gradually establishing a market credit restraint mechanism, actively promoting the owner’s project payment guarantee and contractor points Package project payment guarantee and other tasks; (5) Encourage construction enterprises to turn to transnational operations and give play to the comparative advantages of my country’s construction enterprises.
    . Internal problems
    The author believes that there are seven major problems in Chinese construction enterprises, especially state -owned construction enterprises, how to solve these problems in time and how to solve them in place. The development trend and market survival in the next few years.
    1. Social functions are difficult to get rid of, and the overall quality of employees is not high
    The social functions of Chinese state -owned construction enterprises have been difficult to get rid of it for a long time. Retirement has increased year by year. Diversion personnel, especially the number of surplus personnel, is not really established in a reasonable personnel mobility mechanism; the scale of employee teams is large, and the overall quality is generally not high; the management methods and business philosophy under the planned economic conditions are not really established, and there is no realization of it. Really establish a correct market concept, the awareness of crisis and competition is generally not strong.
    2. Relatively lag of technological innovation
    The domestic construction enterprises in China are competing at the same level. The level of corporate technical level is not large, and the technical characteristics and characteristics are not obvious. At present, knowledge resources are the first element of technological innovation. Traditional production factors (labor, land, capital) have gradually lost their dominant position. Cutting -edge technology has become the main focus of innovation competition. The cutting -edge technology in high -tech groups is the height of the world’s attention. Essence For the construction industry, the development space for improving the competitiveness of building products by reducing the cost of materials and labor has gradually narrowed. Strengthening the market competitiveness with technological innovation as the core can we improve the level of competition, form a unique competitive advantage, increase the added value of building production, and integrate with high -tech. It has become an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the construction industry. Taking Japan Dacheng Company as an example, 10 billion yen funds invest in technological innovation projects each year, accounting for 0.8%of the turnover. , New technology design and foundation development and application.
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