1 thought on “Why do more and more young people use projectors instead of television?”

  1. Why do young people like to use projectors? In addition to the personal factors under the torrent of the times, it is also an inevitable result of the development of science and technology and human needs. Entering the era of the media, the home projector will inevitably replace the TV. This phenomenon is not only affected by technical iteration, but also related to the changes in the family model.
    At the technical level, the characteristics of the projector itself are more in line with the most important factor and convenience for modern people to choose products. Compared to the complicatedness of the TV set and the complexity of the playback conditions, the entertainment that the projector can give is more timely and changeable. Small machines can bring aater -style experience.
    For non -family users, small fuselage has become the first choice for contemporary youths. Rentors can finally entertain and facilitate both. Essence

    As the demand is getting bigger, the smart projector industry has gradually emerged, breaking the rigid situation of the original projector = high unit price. More and more manufacturers have devoted themselves to this industry. It produces high -quality products from generation to generation. Single or family viewing needs are more and more valued.
    The experience brought by the projector is unacceptable to the TV.

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