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  1. You can consider the BenQ I707 with a resolution of 1080P. It is enough for home viewing, supporting intelligent systems, voice control, and basic wireless projection functions. with guarantee.
    [Extended information]
    . Projector (also known as projector) is a device that can project images or videos on the curtain. , Game consoles, DV, etc. are connected to play the corresponding video signals, which are widely used in family, offices, schools and entertainment venues.
    The basic principle of the projector is to use optical components to put the shape and contour of the workpiece large, and then projected it to the screen. It can be measured with transmitted light as a contour, and it can also be measured with reflected light to measure the surface shape that does not connect the holes. [1] In addition to watching movie, projectors are often used for measurement of complex contour and small workpieces.
    . In the context of the policies and people’s income from the country’s drive of domestic demand and the continuous improvement of people’s income, the implementation of rural cultural sharing projects further promoted the rapid growth of the Chinese projector market. According to statistics, the size of China’s projector market in 2010 reached 1.28 million units, an increase of 43.6%compared to 2009. The analysis believes that the Chinese projector market will remain rapidly in 2011. The annual shipments will reach 1.67 million units, and the annual growth rate is about 30%. In the next 5 years, the compound growth rate of China’s projector market will reach 17.1%.
    . The consumer market of Chinese projector products is mainly concentrated in large and medium -sized cities such as North China, East China, and South China, which are economically developed. Education, business, government, and family entertainment are the four major consumer groups that support the Chinese projector industry. Looking at the Chinese projector market. Regardless of the number of products, quality, or variety, it has reached a certain degree of maturity. The popularization of products has transformed the projector’s psychological positioning from more professional display equipment to mass products. In 2010, the sales volume of the Chinese projector market was 1.1 million units, an increase of 37.5%compared to 2009. Judging from the development of the Chinese projector market in the past decade, the scale of the Chinese projector market has increased 18 times, with an average annual growth rate of 39.14%, and the industry is in a high -speed development period.
    . From the perspective of the future development form of the industry, education is still the industry’s future development pillar field. According to statistics, in 2010, there were 129,100 kindergartens nationwide, 394,200 primary schools, 790,000 ordinary middle schools, 3047 ordinary middle schools, and 1778 higher education schools. Data show that China’s market capacity alone has more than 11 million units. If it is calculated according to the projection share, the projector can account for about 14%-28%(excluding market preservation), but in 2010 Less than 500,000 units.
    . Secondly, the development of the commercial projection market is also the key force in the development of the project of the project. Although the Chinese business projection market is rapidly expanding, according to relevant research institutions, the number of SMEs will maintain a growth rate of 7%-8%in the future. In 2012, the total number of SMEs will reach 50 million, and the industry development prospects will be unlimited. In addition, as far as domestic is concerned, the number of wealthy families with more than one million assets can reach more than 2 million. Some elites and white -collar workers have greater demand for the quality of life and entertainment equipment. In the future, the potential for the future home market is huge.

  2. 1 Sony Sony (in Japan in 1946, Fortune 500, the world’s leading electronics and entertainment companies)
    2 BenQ Benq (in Taiwan in 1984, large -scale professional group companies in the field of photoelectric digital media and online communication)
    3 Epson Epson (in Nagano, Japan, the world’s leading companies in the field of famous brands, digital images)
    4 Dangbei (China in 2019, smart projection TOP5 company, integrating software hardware systems Large -screen ecological chain enterprise)
    5 Panasonic Panasonic (Japan in 1918, Fortune 500, China’s famous trademark, the world’s largest electronic manufacturer 1)
    6 Samsung Samsung (in South Korea in 1938, South Korea, the largest in South Korea One of the enterprise groups, the world’s top 500 companies, Samsung Group)

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