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  1. How to write a simple analysis report
    The simple analysis report is how to write. The analysis report will need to be written whether it is in college or entering the workplace of society. There are many things to analyze. Income, such as industry and so on. Today I will share with you how to write a simple analysis report.
    It simple analysis reports how to write 1 industry dynamics: make a overall description of the status quo of the entire industry to highlight the living environment of its company.
    Event analysis: Explanation of important events in the industry, so that some trends in the industry are presented through incident analysis.
    The demand analysis: Understand the changes in demand and the group characteristics, demand and related factors of the product.

    Enterprise dynamics: feel the direction of corporate dynamics in the industry from the comparison of yourself and other people.
    The new product peripheral: a certain evaluation of new products emerging from the industry.
    Trending prospects: Make certain estimates of the trend of the entire industry, so that companies can prepare early and seize opportunities.
    This reminder: You need to observe more and collect more data.
    How to write a simple analysis report 2 as a newcomer of the product. When you get started, you often use a product analysis report to test yourself, but if you do not ask for a method, you will make a product analysis report blindly. So as a newcomer, your first step is not to make a product analysis report, but to learn the correct writing posture of product analysis reports.
    Cope newcomers often cannot find a suitable. The system when writing the product experience report or in the analysis of competitive products. This article divides the product experience report from the process route of the user’s product as shown in the figure below as shown in the figure below. The six dimensions of the six dimensions are explained in the operation process of the six dimensions in the product analysis process, respectively.
    . Product overview
    The first profile of the product experience environment, mobile phone platform, software version and other information. After all, it is not a test. This type of information is simply explained.
    First of all, the market status of the product should be explained:
    The simple analysis summary of the industry where the product is located;
    What data on the market, such as ranking situation, is compared with competitive products.
    It should be summarized by the product itself:
    The product definition in one sentence. In a sentence, the positioning of the product, including the use of people, product positioning, or main functions. Even the product’s slogan.
    three user portraits. List the type of target user type and simply describe the three target user groups. (Sometimes you can write only one main user, writing three types to promote thinking). Such as college students in the bedroom.
    three kinds of user scenes. List three user scenarios, that is, under what circumstances that users may use this product. Such as in the bed in the bedroom.
    three user goals. That is, what the user uses the product and what task is completed. Such as watching beauty performances to satisfy color desire.
    . Product analysis (the most important part of the product experience report)
    B product structure diagram
    In the mind map to draw the product function structure diagram. According to this figure, the functional classification framework of each function can be analyzed, so as to further analyze the rationality of the function level. Such as the function entrance is too deep, or the secondary function entrance is too direct. On this basis, you can make your own optimization suggestions on functional structure.

    The user uses flow chart
    It draws the flow chart according to the operating route of the user’s product.
    If this application focuses on solving a demand, there is only one route map for the user’s use process, and functional experience analysis can be based on this route.
    If the application is more complicated, there are more than one route of the user’s process of using the process, then you can choose only a few core functional requirements for use route for functional experience analysis. For example, analyzing mobile Taobao, you can only analyze the shopping process, omit the functions of gathers, auction and other functions.
    The functional experience analysis (the top priority). According to the steps in the process chart above, the task is used to check the method, and the functional use process that needs to be experienced will be taken through the process. The traversal process will understand what the user has experienced and what functions they use in the process of realizing the needs. This process can be analyzed from the following two levels:
    The macro level: Overall grasping and analysis of all pages; is it necessary for users or functions to be used by users? Is it too long to complete the task? Is the core function point entrance too deep? Refine the advantages and disadvantages, and make your own suggestions for the shortcomings.
    Pet specific level: Page analysis of pages that are selected separately. In terms of function, is it extra or chicken ribs on a page? Is it reasonable to put the function on the corresponding page? In terms of experience, is the buttons strong enough? Is it misleading? Is the page ugly? Is visual misleading? Is the interaction clear and whether it is in line with the user’s psychological model? Put up advantages and disadvantages for analysis, and make suggestions on the disadvantages.
    Appendix: This process can also be analyzed based on the five elements of user experience, but the use of five elements for analysis can easily cause large and incompleteness, which makes the product experience lose meaning. The scope of experience can be determined in advance, and within the scope, the five elements are analyzed according to the user experience.
    The user experience five levels
    . Competition analysis
    In in -depth analysis of the product itself, it should also be appropriately selected in the market to take related competing products for horizontal analysis. The analysis of competing products here is mainly aimed at the strategic level, functional level, and the advantages and disadvantages of user experience. In the end, the advantages of competing products are worthy of reference. The analysis of competing products here can also be performed from the two perspectives:
    Macious level: What are the main competitors? What is the current market structure, where is the product in the market? How can competitors meet user needs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of competitors and the advantages worth learning from?
    Pet specific level: competitors’ specific excellent features? Different from the functional differences with competitors? The advantages and disadvantages of UI and interaction? Through comparison, what is needed to learn from competition products for improvement.
    . User opinion
    It can, know, and the Android application market, check related comments, and select representative opinions. User comments, finally give your own opinions or suggestions.
    . If I am PM
    Standing at the strategic level, think in in -depth thinking about the direction of the product, analyze whether the business model of the product has other models, seek new strategies, and think about whether the product direction has a updated gameplay. Summary suggestions for products.
    This summary of the use of this application and the use of competing products. Talk about the understanding of the user’s market. Is it possible to thoroughly tap the possibility of other needs of users.
    PS: If you are not familiar enough, do not make strategic opinions on the door, and it is easy to make it clumsy.
    The as an outsider and the product operation strategy is large. Generally, it is difficult to analyze the product’s operating strategy. Here is a brief mention of the operation recommendation or strategy.

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