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  1. 1. The origin of iron and its development history
    The iron is derived from Europe. In ancient Europe, it was just a noble culture and appeared in the court and the wealthy family. Therefore, the iron art was given the royal family and famous factions from the beginning. The historical and cultural precipitation of nine hundred years has made it more connotation of elegant culture. Iron art was introduced into China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. At this point, iron art was “combined with Chinese and Western” in China, and incorporated the mysterious and classic charm of the East. However So it is synonymous with luxury. After the reform and opening up, the exchanges between China and foreign countries and the close connection between Hong Kong and Macau, and the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life and cultural level, laid a good foundation for iron art to enter millions of households.

    2, the characteristics of iron
    The iron art is the art of art and cast it. It is the art caused by steel forging. Sex gives it smooth, changing lines, and the exquisite modeling design and perfect forging give it the vitality of art. It can use the delicate and delicate lines to outline the elegant and luxurious and charm of European -style iron characteristics. It can create a mysterious oriental cultural temperament with classical and rich forms. In terms of color, iron skills are unable to reach the art of arts with other materials. The original color of iron makes people feel free. The long -term sense of the age reveals a thick cultural precipitation, harmonious and sophisticated colors, which reflects the characteristics of elegant, not vulgar, beautiful, and not gorgeous. “(A manifestation of an art form in the simulation science, characteristic: imitation but not reflecting the texture of iron), so this requires iron producers to have high artistic cultivation and superb production techniques and processing techniques and processing. Process. A good iron product should be a beautiful “practical craft” -that is, it is functional and practical, and has strong artistic appreciation value.

  2. I only know that iron art is also a cultural
    . With the extension of time and river, iron is now used as a very sense of the era and full of classical beauty. Master Iron Master used the aesthetics and skills of modern people to melt the oldest materials in this world, and used their unique thinking to expand the use of iron to a new realm to perform a brilliant interpretation. Tianjin Tieyi Stairs has been booming in recent years, and the iron stairs have developed into the king’s status in the stairs industry.
    In recent years, with the development of society, decorative art and decorative materials have been continuously updated, and various art forms of decorative styles have continued to emerge. The decorative style of iron art is noted in new content and life, and is widely used in the external decoration of the building, interior decoration, furniture decoration and environmental decoration. There is a place in China.

    The design artistic thoughts of “natural decoration and exquisite technology”, “against retro”, and “leadership fashion” are proposed. They abstract various curves and straight lines from the body of natural animals and plants. These bright, exaggerated, smooth, and beautiful artistic techniques constitute a new style of “modern art”. Essence

    The iron products have undergone qualitative changes under the participation of many artists, from practical industries to decoration and increased decoration to art. In the past, most of the sculptures were stone, bronze, and gypsum. Many composite plastics are now used, such as FRP (commonly known as resin or glass fiber reinforcement). Nowadays, the sculptures of steel materials have appeared in large quantities. Their special styles are different. French -famous sculpture masters created many great works with abandoned metal materials

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