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How to choose the stainless steel industry, how to choose the handhelder? – europuppyblog

How to choose the stainless steel industry, how to choose the handhelder?

Those who do the stainless steel industry, want to start a handheld spectrometer, just detect stainless steel 201,304,316,2205, etc., I do n’t know what brand is better.

3 thoughts on “How to choose the stainless steel industry, how to choose the handhelder?”

  1. It is recommended that you choose the Languo card handheld spectrometer. Languo Technology has always practiced the core enterprise values ​​of “accomplishing customers, people -oriented, professional and efficient, innovative and win -win”. While continuously promoting the development of the industry and chasing technological innovation Head customers have established a good partnership.

    The working principles of modern spectrometry analysis instruments, spectrometers can be divided into two categories: classic spectrometers and new type spectrometers. The classic spectrum instrument is a instrument built on the principle of spatial color scattered; the new spectrum instrument is an instrument built on the modulation principle, and the classic spectrum instruments are all slit spectral equipment. Lang Duo adheres to the business philosophy of “winning users and developing the market with brand”, focusing on technological research and development, and seizing the opportunities of continuous and stable analysis instrument markets, adjusting strategies, improving systems, optimizing organizations, increasing production and efficiency, seizing opportunities Essence

  2. Handheld spectrometer usually has two models, one is the full spectrum and the other is the scanning type. If it is a whole spectrum, it usually 72 elements in one minute. If it is scanned, the speed is relatively slow. Now, except for some special industries that are still using scanning types, everything else is basically using the whole spectrum

  3. The application handheld XRF spectrometer in the stainless steel industry can test the components of stainless steel. It accurately calculates whether the element components and content contained in the stainless steel can be accurately calculated by the stainless steel. It can also play a very important test in various industries.

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