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  1. The research report on school safety issues (4 selected articles)
    In life, the frequency of reporting is getting higher and higher, and most of the reports are written after the matter is done or after the occurrence. As soon as I heard the report report, it was dizzy? The following is a sample of research report on school safety issues (4 selected articles). Welcome to share.

    The research report on school safety issues 1 Safety work is an important guarantee for all work. For schools, creating a peaceful and harmonious campus environment for teachers and students, ensuring safety and education and teaching work in security, is the significance of doing a good job of safety prevention. Recently, all kinds of schools at all levels in the city have paid attention to safety work and daily strengthening, and have done a lot of work and adopted practical measures. In order to further strengthen learning, deepen understanding, and investigate the safety prevention work of Anshun Tenth Middle School through the form of inspection, visiting, and communicating with the school’s safety work. The current status of work
    1. The safety work system is basically improved.
    The school attaches great importance to safety work, and the safety work is mentioned to the school’s agenda. The safety leadership group was established. The schools and superior authorities and the staff of the school have signed a letter of responsibility for safety work to clarify their responsibilities and provide organizational guarantees for the school’s safety precautions. All schools have formulated relevant rules and regulations and emergency plans for safety work, focusing on the work of administrative duty and teachers on duty, and strengthening the regular implementation and inspection of the day to prevent problems before they occur.
    2. Safety education has been strengthened.
    The schools have done well in publicity and education. They can provide regular safety education on teachers and students in accordance with the requirements and the actual situation of our school, which improves the safety awareness of teachers and students. And make full use of the national speeches, wall newspapers, campus broadcasts, class meetings, lectures and other forms of safety education, so that students can understand the relevant knowledge of prevention of diseases, road traffic safety, fire prevention, electric shock, and drowning. By organizing learning, students’ safety awareness has been enhanced, which greatly reduces the occurrence of safety accidents.
    3. Safety prevention measures are implemented.
    The awareness of safety precautions for school leadership has been strengthened, and the internal prevention system of the school is relatively sound. Synchronous design, simultaneous installation, and simultaneous use.
    4. Actively carry out the “safe and civilized campus” creation activity.
    The implementation of “Safety Education Day”, “Safety Education Week”, “Safety Education Month”, “Advocating Science, Refusing Cult”, “Stay away from Internet Cafe” signatures and oaths such as various and colorful safety construction publicity and education activities Under the leadership of the Education Bureau this year, the “Earthquake Self -Rescue” on -site drilling activities were carried out, which effectively enhanced the processing ability of young people to deal with emergency situations, and effectively promoted the enthusiasm, initiative and initiative of teachers and students to participate in the “safe and civilized campus” creation activities. Creativity and better play the main role of teachers and students.
    5. Increase investigation and eliminate hidden dangers in time.
    MOUs conducted large inspections on the safety of school buildings, diet safety, traffic safety, flood prevention safety, etc. in accordance with the unified requirements of the Education Bureau.
    . The ideas and suggestions of safety prevention work
    The needs of the current security situation and education reform, according to the requirements of the relevant departments of the superior, adhere to the creation of the “safe and civilized campus” and the guidance for the protection of education and teaching. Thought, the principle of “there is no small matter for education, safety first, security responsibility is more important than Taishan”, and the development of private prevention, physical defense, and technical prevention, increase the strength and depth of school safety prevention work, and gradually form a scientific, institutionalized, institutionalized, institutionalized, and gradually formation Standardized security prevention system.
    1. Leaders attach importance to and organize the implementation.
    This should attach great importance to the safety prevention work, firmly establish the idea of ​​”educating no trivial matter” and “security responsibility is more important than Taishan”, and take the safety and stability work as the top priority. The schedule continues to implement the “school safety work goal management”, and the school’s safety prevention work is one of the standards of the school’s year -end assessment school, and a one -vote veto system is implemented in safety work.
    2. Increase the campus environmental improvement efforts to ensure normal education and teaching order.
    On the basis of the results of campus environmental improvement in recent years, we will continue to cooperate with relevant departments to carry out campus environmental improvement work, and actively assist the public security department to do a good job in public security.
    3. Prevention, education first.
    We we deeply realize that the key to the prevention of safety accidents is education. To this end, it is necessary to regularly carry out education safety, flood prevention safety, fire safety, personal safety, dietary hygiene, etc., and should also conduct publicity education for parents through parent schools.
    4. Increase inspection and actively eliminate hidden dangers.
    Suctors are an important means to find problems and solve problems. In the future work, we must strictly adhere to the safety inspection system, conduct regular safety inspections and inspections, and timely rectify the found safety hazards to effectively prevent various safety prevention of various safety hazards The accident; for the problems that the school cannot solve, to report to the higher authorities and relevant units from time to time.
    5. Increte people’s defense and actively promote technical defense.
    It continuously increase people’s defense, strengthen teachers on duty and leadership; on the basis of doing a good job of civil defense, we must actively promote technological prevention, enhance safety prevention scientific and technological content, and regularly carry out emergency drills to improve emergency capabilities.
    6. Improve fire awareness and increase fire prevention work.
    It should be based on the principle of “prevention -oriented, combining anti -consumption”, earnestly fulfill their duties, grasp prevention, responsibility, implementation, implement fire prevention work to posts and individuals, and conduct a timely inspection of fire safety inspections. The principle of safety first excludes various hidden dangers, especially in winter and spring, eliminating fluke psychology and paralysis thoughts, strengthening fire safety education for faculty employees and students, and further improving awareness of fire prevention.
    7. Strengthen moral education to prevent and reduce juvenile crimes.
    If according to the Outline of Moral Education in Primary and Middle Schools, establish and improve the moral education system of primary and secondary schools, improve leadership institutions, strengthen the construction of moral education teams, introduce scientific theories, solidly carry out moral education work, and guide the practice of moral education work with scientific theory. In addition, we must strengthen the construction of moral education bases, adhere to the development of national defense education, patriotism, and collectivism education; regularly carry out legal education, enhance the consciousness and initiative of adolescent students to abide by the law, and reduce the phenomenon of illegal crimes and crimes to prevent adolescents.
    . Existing prominent problems
    1. Turnive safety hazards need to be eliminated. The school is close to the road. At the time period when students get out of school, the people are chaotic, and they need to further coordinate traffic management and prevent problems.
    2. Safety electricity needs to be further standardized. With the use of various modern educational facilities such as computers and Bandong, school electricity consumption has increased, and the problem of aging of the original line is increasingly prominent. In this regard, the school should attach great importance to check the electric line, replace the aging line to ensure the safety of the school’s electricity.
    3. The problem of students’ Internet access has not been effectively stopped. Most school students have serious Internet access problems, aging and obsessed with the Internet, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of young people. It has now become a problem for school safety work.
    4. Emergency plans for various emergencies, no warning mechanisms, no emergency measures, and unclear responsibilities. Safety prevention work is a major event related to students’ personal safety and school property safety. The important guarantee of educational reform must effectively mobilize all the power that can be mobilized and implement the school’s safety precautions.
    The research report on school safety issues 2 The school is a collective place for students to accept the system. To create a good learning environment for students, a solid safety prevention work must be guaranteed. Otherwise, it will not only destroy normal education and teaching Ordering even endangers the safety of students.
    . The current status of the safety of campus on campus in primary and secondary schools
    The township has 7 primary and secondary schools. The author has a field view of these 7 schools and visits to relevant persons in charge. I have a preliminary understanding.
    (1) Hardware
    1. Campus building facilities
    The total construction area of ​​the school building in the compulsory education stage of the township is 23080 square meters, 703 square meters of dangerous houses, and the D -class dilapidated house accounts for 3.05%of the total area of ​​the school building. Jianhuai Central Primary School, Wanli Central Primary School, and Bengshan Central Primary School have maintained a total of 521 square meters, 283 square meters of new school buildings, and invested a total of 280,000 yuan. Investment of 90,000 yuan to repair 300 square meters of Sanhejian Junior High School High School, and invest 75,600 yuan for maintenance and Hope Elementary School Hope Elementary School Hope Elementary School Hope Elementary School Hope Elementary School Hope Primary School’s Hope Primary School Hope 252 square meters. And the planned investment was 260,800 yuan, 567 square meters of new school buildings in Sanhe Shengxiang Zhiqiang Primary School. In general, the safety of the school building has changed significantly compared with the previous years. At present, multiple schools have bid farewell to the worn -out old house and moved into a spacious and bright teaching building. The hidden safety hazards caused by campus building are gradually decreasing.
    2. Playground transformation
    The playground is an important place for student activities and physical exercise, occupying a pivotal position in campus safety. Sanhejian Township has built a new basketball court on the cement floor, and a new runway was built. The new playground has made students’ activities and physical exercise more security. However, there are hidden safety hazards in the playgrounds of some schools: the basketball rack is pressed against the ground with stones, and it seems to be crumbling; the playground is uneven, and construction waste is accumulated in some places.
    3. Fire protection facilities
    A safety and effective fire protection facilities are an important guarantee for the personal safety of teachers and students and the safety of school property. In recent years, the education system has invested a lot of funds to repair and update firefighting equipment each year. Only In the first half of this year, 1,000 fire extinguishers were added and 300 fire extinguishers were repaired. At present, the number of fire extinguishers and quality of the grassroots units have reached the regulations of the fire department. The only boarding school in the township -Sanhe Shouxiang Junior Middle School, the campus student dormitory is equipped with emergency lights and safety channel signs. However, some school building buildings have no fire hydrants because of the age of the building, and there is no fire hydrant, and due to insufficient water pressure, the fire well does not work. The hidden hidden dangers are relatively large. The current hardware measures are increasing the number of fire extinguishers.
    4. Circuit transformation
    The comprehensive transformation of the circuits of all schools, abolished the old routes in the past, and updated various electrical equipment to eliminate various security risks of the past old routes. However, the number of electrical appliances has increased sharply, and the amount of electricity use has greatly increased, so we also require us not to relax their vigilance. After viewing on the spot, the author found that the switch of the sunlight on the walls of some schools was damaged to varying degrees and urgently needed to improve.
    5. School diet safety
    1,756 students in Sanhe Shengxiang Junior High School, of which the majority of students eating at school. Students’ dietary hygiene often holds contractors on hygiene issues to emphasize the importance of food safety, and at the same time conducts irregular inspections of food hygiene in the restaurant. At present, there is no food safety accident such as student food poisoning at the restaurant.
    (2) Software
    1. Organization
    The sound and efficient organization is the key to doing a good job of safety prevention work. At the same time, each school is required to establish a safety prevention working group with the principal as the person in charge to be responsible for campus safety work. Each school is equipped with defenders and is responsible for daily campus safety affairs. Every day, the teacher on duty inspects the campus safety status, providing organizational guarantee for the school’s safety prevention work.
    2. Propaganda education
    Publicity education is an indispensable way for campus safety prevention work. All schools in the township can join safety education in daily teaching. Each school will hold campus safety knowledge lectures every semester. Publicity work makes safety awareness deep into the hearts of teachers and students.
    . Thinking and suggestions on the safety of the campus of the township
    Through this survey, we can happily see the achievements achieved by the campus safety prevention work of primary and secondary schools in rural areas: Campus dangerous buildings are constantly from us from our Disappearing in the sight; the spacious and flat playground has become a safe area for children to play; rows of fire extinguishers have become the guardian of campus safety; solar lights and various teaching appliances have entered the classroom, allowing children to enjoy the fun of science and technology; The school’s restaurants can always eat rest assured; various schools have set up corresponding organizational organizations for safety work; propaganda and education work is also well done.
    , the same is the shortcomings in campus safety prevention work. Hidden safety hazards in hardware are still very common. Houses that have been disrepaired for a long time, sports equipment fixed on the playground, fire protection facilities that do not meet the requirements, naked sunlight switches, etc. are campus hidden killers. In terms of software, various organizations are lucky on security issues and do not pay enough attention. Publicity and education work also needs to be further improved, making security a topic that everyone is happy, and safety awareness penetrates into the hearts of everyone.
    . The survey of the safety prevention work of campus
    A actually reflects the current situation of some rural primary and secondary schools on campus. I believe that with the cooperation of all sectors of society, the campus safety prevention work will make greater progress, and the healthy growth of children will be more powerful.
    If research reports of school safety issues 3 In order to strengthen campus safety management and create a safe and harmonious campus working environment and learning living environment for the majority of teachers and students. According to the spirit of the research on the research of school safety management, our school strictly organizes the study, implement responsibilities, and comprehensively finds various safety hazards in accordance with the requirements of the documents. Internal security and security, and effectively strengthen the internal safety management of the school. The job is as follows:
    . Basic work conditions
    1. The construction of the school internal systems and improvement, early, late period and major holidays, day, and major holidays, day, major holidays, and major holidays, day, and major holidays, and major holidays, day, and major holidays, day, and major holidays, and major holidays, and major holidays, and major holidays. They must do special safety knowledge education for teachers and students of the school, regular inspections and education in the school, prevent campus violence and accidents, and strive to create a good environment for education.
    2. The school will conduct regular safety hazards investigation, self -examination and self -reform, and record. During the class, the off -campus staff must not enter the campus. When the school is allowed to work, it must be allowed to enter the inside. Faculty and staff must perform their offer procedures within work hours and go out after approval.
    3. Internal insurance work. The school currently has two security officers, taking turns on duty 24 hours, and has a strict duty system. The security personnel carry the equipment with them, wear security services, strictly control the entry, and the visitors will be registered before opening the door.
    4. The school establishes a leadership safety inspection system and holiday duty system. Leaders on duty led teachers on duty to inspect the campus every day. Teachers found that the problems were dealt and reported within the first time, and the assessment of safety liability accidents will occur in the assessment of safety liability accidents. Strictly implement the performance salary scheme of school teachers. The principal and the heads of various departments, the class teachers of each class, and the teachers of the classes have signed the safety responsibility system layer, so that the school’s safety responsibility system is implemented.
    5. Fire safety. Focus on checking whether the fire safety responsibility system is implemented, whether the fire channels are safe, unblocked, and whether the facilities are complete, etc.; This semester replaced the expired fire extinguisher. The school has a safety channel logo installed on each corridor. When the students concentrate on going upstairs, a person is responsible for evacuation and command mechanism.
    6. Diet hygiene. Focus on checking the safety of the school’s shop and cafeteria, check whether food meets the health standards and relevant requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to flow into the school. The staff held a health license. Establish food hygiene safety rules and regulations. Strengthen the management and monitoring of school cafeterias, and strictly prevent food hygiene and safety accidents.
    7. Traffic safety. Check whether the faculty and staff consciously abide by the traffic rules, and actively do the model of complying with the traffic rules among teachers and students, especially urging them to wear a safety helmet to ride motorcycles. Organize all teachers to check the safety of the students on the way to school on the way to school. Safety education for students is targeted. The head teacher should do a good job of investigating the students who take the students from the school. This semester, none of the school took the school to send a car.
    8. Strengthen mental health education, timely resolve the contradictions between students, and teach students common sense of self -protection. Lectures on food hygiene and common diseases. Use the morning and weekly and knowledge lectures to carry out anti -drug education. In particular, students should strengthen emergency training in response to emergencies such as floods and fires to prevent accidents, drowning, and high falls.
    9. Do a good job of propaganda in infectious diseases and hygiene and epidemic prevention. Pay attention to the ventilation and disinfection of classrooms and public places.
    10. The school formulates fire safety drill plan, organizes teachers and students to carry out carefully, and summarizes it.
    . School safety hazards are investigated
    In careful inspection of the safety of all parts of the school. We launched all teachers to conduct serious inspections on the facilities of the school’s houses, especially the key parts such as classroom doors and windows, anti -theft fire prevention facilities in canteens, and sports equipment. The school conducts the investigation and management of hidden safety hazards. The relevant situation is as follows:
    (1) fire safety conditions. The school’s firefighting fire extinguishers were checked, and the fire extinguishers were found to have normal pressure during the validity period.
    (2) Ask the safety of the vehicle to pick up the students. Although the school does not pick up student vehicles, our school still requires safety requirements for some students’ parents to pick up children to pick up children to school and ask them to not enter the campus.
    (3) The safety status of important facilities and places in schools. Some parents who work near the campus after the evening school are returned to the school in the school. Educate these students and communicate with parents.
    (4) Public security and security status around the campus. There are many parents of students from the school gate, and the parking is disappeared, resulting in crowded traffic. The school posted a “Book of Parents” and placed the paint yellow line on the cement road outside the school, asking parents to park in accordance with the designated area.
    (5) The safety of the school building. The rear building of the school this semester is reinforced, and there are certain safety hazards in the construction site. The construction party is required to pull the safety net, hang the warning slogan, and operate in strict accordance with the construction requirements. Safety education in the school requires students to stay in the construction area for staying. Teachers were sent to inspect and checked.
    (6) Implementation of safety education. Starting schools to conduct comprehensive safety education for teachers and students, conduct school safety education in each class, and record it; signed safety notes for holidays, records of school safety education lesson plans; organize students to conduct emergency evacuation and self -rescue escape exercises.
    3. Strengthen rectification and organize implementation. In response to the above situations, we have done a lot of work.
    1. Improve understanding and strengthen safety education leadership and management. In order to further strengthen the school’s daily safety management work, firmly establish the idea of ​​”safety first”, and effectively implement the safety work responsibility system, our school conscientiously organizes the school teachers and students to learn from higher -level safety education documents, and learn lessons of safety accidents in various places. In particular, in response to the situation of school violence and natural disasters, the school has formulated relevant safety work measures and corresponding emergency plans, organizes the drills on the stairs, and maintains fire protection facilities to prevent it.
    2. Strengthening safety education and management of students. Our school strictly implements the provisions and requirements of the “Administrative Measures for the Safety Management of Primary and Middle School Kindergarten” and “Guidance for Public Safety Education in Primary and Middle Schools” to further strengthen safety education for students.
    3. Strengthen the connection between schools and family departments and families. According to the actual situation of our school, organize and mobilize the whole society to care about the safety of students, do a good job in the safety of students’ off -campus safety, and strengthen the school and the family visits, family visits, parent associations, etc., and strengthen the school and the family. Parents’ communication and contact, and obtained the support and cooperation of parents.
    4. The safety responsibility system is strictly implemented. The school establishes a leadership safety inspection system and a holiday -on duty system. Teachers inspect the campus every day on duty. Teachers find that problems should be dealt with and reported within the first time to strictly implement the safety responsibility system. Department report.
    In short, the implementation of safety work is not staged, but a long -term work. Our school should take the opportunity of this safety hazard investigation and management. Strive to prevent the occurrence of unsafe accidents on campus, and create a safe and harmonious work, study and living environment for the majority of teachers and students.
    The research report on school safety issues 4 people -oriented, creating a peaceful and harmonious campus environment, ensuring the safety of teachers and students’ lives and property, and ensuring the smooth progress of education and teaching. In recent years, our school has attached great importance to safety work and has done a lot of solid and effective work. The results of the survey results of the weak links of our school’s safety management are as follows:
    . Analysis of the basic status of the school
    The students in our school nearly 600 students, 365 students are left -behind children, accommodation inside and outside the school and outside the school 200 students. The school is located in the Urban -Rural Junction Department. It is located between the National Highway 316 and the Xiangyu Railway line. The surrounding people do not pay enough attention to education, and support the development of school development.
    . The status of safety work
    (1) The institution is healthy, and the responsibilities are clear
    The school attaches great importance to safety work, and the safety work is mentioned to the school’s agenda. The safety leadership group was established, and the principal was personally served as the team leader. It was responsible for comprehensive; the deputy principal was the deputy leader to supervise the implementation of the safety work; The schools and superior authorities and the staff of the school have signed a letter of responsibility for safety work and clarified their responsibilities. The school strengthened access control and strictly controlled the entry level; the school -care team was established, and each class has information officers, which provides organizational guarantees for the school’s safety prevention work.
    (2), the safety system is basically improved
    Themoretically, the “School House Safety Management System”, “Safety Management System for the Council”, “Gate Management System”, “Girls Safety Management System”, “Environment, Health Management System”, “Infectious Disease Prevention and Control System” and “Emergency Plan for Food Poisoning”, “Anti -Steal Emergency Plan”, “Emergency Plan for Urcense”, “Emergency Plan for Fire”, “Emergency Plan for Infectious Diseases” “A series of plans. These systems and plans are issued to each faculty, and they must be concentrated in learning at the beginning of each semester, making everyone know, clarify their responsibilities. N key parts are installed with monitoring equipment, fire extinguishers and emergency lights. The classrooms and stairwells on the first floor are equipped with anti -theft doors.
    (4), safety publicity, education, and training have become compulsory courses
    S safety education is the basic content to improve the comprehensive quality of teachers and students. Strengthening safety publicity and education, mentioning
    The safety awareness of high teachers and students and employees, and mastering the common sense of safety, is a strategy to improve the level of school safety work. Propaganda and education activities with diverse forms and comprehensive content have been normalized.
    1. Regular legal and safety reports are held regularly every semester. The school hired Chen Xiaohong, deputy director of the Guanmiao Police Station as the vice president of the legal system. Each semester gives a lecture on legal knowledge of teachers and students of the school to enhance the legal system of teachers and students, so that they understand the law, learn, and use.
    2. According to the seasonal changes and students’ ideological dynamics, the theme class meeting of safety education is held targeted, the blackboard newspaper of safety education is held, and the education of students who cherish life and resist the temptation of the students will be given to students to save themselves. Ability.
    For example, schools take anti -drowning education as a key task every year. By suing the parents’ book, a letter to the society, and signed the “Summer Safe in Summer.” “Anti -Drowning Responsibility Letter” and signed a safety responsibility letter with teachers, hire off -campus safety supervisors and other forms to consolidate responsibilities and prevent problems before they occur.
    3. Publicity and education of strengthening traffic safety.
    The police officers at the Hanbin handover team and the police officer of the Ankang Railway Public Security Institute are invited to the school for publicity and education. Education to walk to the majority of teachers and students to walk to say goodbye to uncivilized transportation.
    4. All girls’ meetings are held every semester to conduct adolescent health education and safety prevention education for girls.
    5. The school concentratedly organizes students to teach fire prevention, evacuation and escape self -rescue common sense, common sense of fire equipment, and conduct emergency evacuation and escape self -rescue practical exercises. It has improved the concept of fire safety and fire legal system for teachers and students, improved self -rescue and self -rescue, and ensure that it can be evacuated and safely evacuated and dealt with in a timely manner when fires occur, avoiding casualties and property losses.
    6. Diet safety and infectious disease prevention work is solid and effective.
    The strict system, special person in the management of canteen management, and accountability. Every semester, please ask the Guanmiao Health Center to come to school to give a lecture on health knowledge. The school has a healthy column, the class has a health report, and the student health awareness rate is 90/100.
    . There are problems
    1. Traffic safety.
    1 is the school close to the highway, students ride electric vehicles, bicycles, etc. The second is that some students live in distant areas and ride the problem. Schools often carry out traffic safety education, but a few students and parents are still lucky.
    2. Student early love phenomenon. Teachers guided correctly, but parents did not pay attention. Once the contradiction occurs, students are unwilling to tell their parents, and they are not willing to inform the teacher.
    3. The supervision of renting students off -campus is the focus of school management. The first is that the school has no right to manage the house tenant, and the other is that parents support rental, which is convenient for family members to board. The third is that the school cannot force students to live in the school. The school can only investigate repeatedly, and guide the hidden dangers to report the Guanmiao Police Station and the Guanmiao Town Government to inform parents and tenants.
    4, the special constitution of individual students has hidden dangers. Both parents and students conceal the truth and cause the blind spots of management.
    5. A few teachers do not pay enough attention to safety work and are lucky. Some class teachers have deviations in their thoughts and lack of initiative. After problems, they only find objective reasons.

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