5 thoughts on “How to join the Dongguan China Mobile Short Cluster Network?”

  1. Hello. Regarding the handling of the short number network network, we must first meet the following conditions:
    1. It must be the same belonging place, the number of the same brand can be added to the same short number network. You can add the same short number cluster network.
    2. There are two types of short number cluster network in Dongguan. Net. If you stay in Dongguan for a long time without going to other parts of Guangdong Province, you can choose a local short number cluster network of 10 yuan/month.
    3. Regarding handling: You can press the local 10086 and press 8 and then press again. After 0, select the group hotline special seat to help you handle, or communicate with the 100 service hall through communication. It is recommended that you try to add it through regular channels.

  2. It is generally not a liar to apply for a short number online. You and your girlfriend can open a short number cluster network market network, 10 yuan to fight at any, so that it is very good for calling.

  3. You can go to China Mobile to communicate 100 service halls, where you can join the cluster network `Shenzhou seems to be unable to enter the group. There are many many groups. That is, you all enter the city group in Dongguan `5 yuan a month` I entered the provincial group.

  4. You can join the China Mobile Short Cluster Network!
    It is not a lie! You only need to hand over the number to them, and then the reply information can be opened! You only provide numbers and they can’t lie to you or something! Please rest assured!

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