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  1. List of the Table of Call of the Beijing Car Rental Company

    Manji Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Dongzhimen Inner Street No. 1-16 No. 164063343*0
    No. 64916880

    The Chunlan Building, No. 1 Chunlan Building, No. 1 Chunlan Building, Fengtai District, Beijing Anji No. 1 Guangli Jinsong Building 10-1016 87379882


    It Beijing North Innovation Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. Haiidian District, Haidukou Road, No. 23 Wudaokou Cinema 62396705

    Side 65813116

    The Beijing BAIC Kowloon Taxi Car Co., Ltd. Chaoxianqiao East Road No. 1 68580147

    Station 62966618

    Thenonnie in Beijing Yaya Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. Haidian Bridge Division 68478003

    Beijing Electric Power Vehicle Leasing Co., Ltd. Chaoyang District Lvjiaying Eastern Fourth Ring Testing Field 876696083

    The Beijing Dongfang Taiheng Automobile Rental Co., Ltd. Shiquan Temple Shimen Village Swimming P sw, 63330255

    It Beijing Bus Jie’an Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. Dongping House 88422091

    The Beijing Guangxingda Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Chaoxinli No. 10 84626918

    The Beijing Hengtong Huatai Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. Chaoyang District No. 1 64813388

    Shangxi section 88129286

    The Beijing New Concept Investment Management Co., Ltd. Tianzhu Village, No. 4, No. 4, Tianzhu Village, Shunyi District, Shunyi District 64575566

    84271787, No. 60, Anwai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

    It Beijing Liancheng Automobile Leasing Service Co., Ltd. Haidian District Sijiqing Bridge 1 km 88457073



    The Beijing Sait Taxi Company Haidian District, Balidi Village No. 6 65569833

    R N Beijing Century Tong Automobile Club Chaoyang District, Huixinxi Street No. 240 64891199

    Automobile Co., Ltd. Chongwen District Baixuo Garden No. 15 67194325

    It Beijing Urban Construction Machinery Equipment Operation Rental Company Haidian District South Road 622266704
    n Beijing old motor vehicle trading market Co., Ltd. Company Fengtai District Beijing Old Motor Vehicle Trading Market 511118836

    Beijing Ledid Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd., No. 31 Office Building, Baishiqiao Road, Haidian District, Beijing City Qianlima Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. Chaoyang District, No. 710, Jinsong 7th District, Chaoyang District, No. 710

    Taxi Company Xicheng District Yuenan South Street No. 1 68032800

    Leasing Co., Ltd. Haidian District, Hai Dian District No. 1 No. 1, No. 1, No. 1, No. 1, Hai Dian District 62328640

    Tonglida Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. National Sports General Administration Training Bureau 67172866

    Beijing Diplomat Service Bureau Yunao Road Automobile Service Center Chaoyang District, No. 1 Tower Garden, Xindong Road, Foreign Apartment 65326326

    n Beijing Xiangyu Automobile Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. Transportation Main Hub Building 5th Floor 87777188

    r n Beijing Xin Ping Fruit Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. Hai Dian District College South Road No. 34

    Co., Ltd. Fangzhuang Fangxian Garden District, Fangzhuang Fanggu Park, Fengtai District 87611472


    n Beijing China Aerospace Huachen Automobile Co., Ltd. Haidian Road A No. 4 68287524

    Xiaoma Factory No. 93 63450079

    It Beijing Zhongjin Auto Trade Service Co., Ltd. Dongcheng District Old Gulou Interchange Bridge 84021283

    No. 8 West Street 64442375

    District Beijing Yuyang Hotel 5-512-519 84483366

    The Beijing Beichen Automobile Leasing Company Shijingshan District Yuquan West Road 11 64674461

    It Beijing Tourism Automobile Company Xicheng District No. 6818847
    n Beijing City Capital Motor Company Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao Shili No. 3 (head store)

    Dongcheng District Dongzhimen Waixianghe Garden 64674975

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