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High score urgent: seeking a speech on the president of the establishment of the establishment of an advertising industry association! – europuppyblog

High score urgent: seeking a speech on the president of the establishment of the establishment of an advertising industry association!

The advertising industry association was established, and the speeches were used in a speech. Don’t send some things that cannot be used at will.
waiting online, thank you!

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  1. Dear leaders, representatives, comrades, friends:

    It today XXX Advertising Association was established! This is a happy event and major event in the advertising industry! , I am very honored and responsible for the election as the president of the association. I am also very responsible. The mission is glorious! I will do my best to unite the association team, strive to promote the development of the advertising industry, and strive to create a good conducive to the development of the advertising industry. The environment, strive to stimulate the talents of the advertising industry, let advertisements involved in multidisciplinary, and make positive contributions to the good and fast development of our city. The establishment of the XX Municipal Advertising Association has received the care and support of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal People’s Congress, Municipal Government, CPPCC, and Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau, and Provincial Advertising Association. Here I express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the association! To the leaders and guests who come to the establishment of the XX City Advertising Association today, I would like to express my sincere thanks! The importance and necessity of the establishment of the Municipal Advertising Association
    The role as an information bridge as an information bridge is increasingly prominent in modern social life. And development is inseparable from advertising. Advertising can guide people’s daily consumption and change people’s consumption concepts. With the continuous and in -depth steps of my country’s reform, the advertising industry in our city has also developed rapidly like the whole country. At present, XX, XX, XX, XX House, of which: professional advertising company XX households, TV and radio advertising operating households X House, newspaper advertising business household X, Journal advertising business house X, and other X households. Advertising practitioners XXX; advertising reviewer XX, advertising professional and technical personnel XX; registered outdoor advertising media total XXXX, with various types of enterprises (advertisers) XXXX households, individual industrial and commercial households XXXXX households. The form of advertising is the same as developed areas. There are advertisements for television, broadcasting, networks, newspapers, journals, and journal magazines. Printing, packaging, neon lights, labels, signboards, bus carriers and other advertisements. Our city has rich tourism and cultural resources. Advertising is developing XX City, enhancing XX, and big XX cities. But on the whole, the advertising industry in our city started late, and the development of the advertising industry was relatively lagging. First, the scale is small and the impact is small. None of the advertising companies are companies with national and provincial qualifications; second, the advertising professional and technical talents are relatively lacking. There is still a small gap between advertising design, creativity, production and expression compared with developed places; fourth, from the perspective of the majority of advertising owners (enterprises), the advertising awareness is not strong; fifth is that it occurs when advertising is illegal. Relatively lagging. It can be seen from the above situation that the establishment of an advertising association to strengthen industry self -discipline and regulate industry behavior is very urgent.
    This is the bridge and bond between the government and the advertising industry. Establish an advertising association to establish the advertising industry specifications and implement self -discipline in the advertising industry. It is an important measure to promote the healthy development of the advertising industry and strengthen advertising management. It and the government’s management of the advertising industry and the consumer’s supervision of advertising activities together constitute the organization and management system of the advertising industry. Through the platform of the advertising association, a series of activities are effectively carried out, such as exchanging advertising academic or experience, selecting excellent advertising works; investigating and studying domestic and foreign advertising trends, promoting brand and marketing, providing consulting services, and striving to improve the design and production level of advertising; Coordinate the relationship between advertising operators, advertising operators and advertisers in advertising business, etc., strengthen their connection, etc., so as to promote the healthy development of modern advertising. The importance of advertising in economic and social development is self -evident. The establishment of the advertising association will further enhance the social status and service level of the advertising industry as a whole.
    . The work opinion of the association
    The establishment of the Advertising Association has built a platform for mutual exchanges for the advertising industry, marking the development of the advertising industry in our city has entered a new period. The work of the association should focus on the purpose and tasks of the Association’s Articles of Association, strengthen service awareness, and take “the construction and development of the advertising industry” as the starting point and focus of all work. The theoretical and policy -oriented, strive to make the government rest assured, social concentration, corporate calligraphy, and consumers comfortable. We must always adhere to the basic ideas of the democratic committee, strengthen the sense of unity and harmony, integrate the overall wisdom of the industry, consolidate the overall power of the industry, and promote the joint development of the association and the industry.
    (1) We must adhere to emancipating the mind and update the concept to keep pace with the times. Advertising is a pioneer industry in the market economy and a pioneer industry in the knowledge economy. Grasp and develop a leading industry. We must always adhere to emancipating the mind and constantly update the concept in order to keep up with the times. Update, gold and two. The entire industry must recognize the situation, emancipate the mind, take the promotion of scientific development as the first priority, closely grasp the pulse of the era of scientific development and build a harmonious society in China, and closely focus on the “six strategies” and “three strategies” and “three strategies” proposed by the municipal party committee and municipal government. “Practice”, “Five Drives”, creating the goal of “international tourist attractions, ecological industry development bases, and clean energy bases”, closely integrate the laws of the development of the advertising industry, strive to open up and innovate, actively plan for enterprises, and vigorously develop enterprises to vigorously develop enterprises Economic, expanding the scale of enterprise operations, and improving the economic benefits of enterprises have made positive contributions, focusing on cultivating and supporting the development of ethnic enterprises in our city, vigorously cultivating well -known enterprises and well -known products in our city, maintaining and promoting the good tourism image of our city, so as to pass through the city’s good tourism image. The carrier of advertising has allowed the city’s companies, well -known products, and tourism brands to infiltrate the strong cultural heritage of various ethnic groups in our city, move towards inside and outside the province, at home and abroad, and strive to promote good and rapid development of our city.
    (2) Cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job of publicity and implementation of laws and regulations and policies such as the Advertising Law. The advertising industry in our city must always adhere to the operation of operating in accordance with the law, and to continuously improve the consciousness of doing things strictly in accordance with the regulations, and must do a good job of self -discipline in the industry. Industry self -discipline is to require advertising companies to learn and use the “Advertising Law” and its relevant regulations as a primary principle that they must strictly abide by in business activities, including studying and promoting the establishment of the municipal departments’ setting of the city’s outdoor advertising, and the road administration department Relevant highway advertising settings regulations, etc. In short, it is necessary to allow participants in various types of advertisements such as TV advertising, radio advertising, newspapers, advertising, online advertising, SMS advertisements, outdoor advertising, real estate advertisements, printing advertisements, and commodity packaging advertisements. It is an excellent advertising enterprise that makes yourself both the support, propaganda, and dedication of the law, but also the social benefits. It is necessary to jointly create a good environment for fair competition and operate in accordance with the law, and create more profound connotations, refined condensation, elegant style, real integrity, and well -loved advertising works that are loved by the people of society and enterprises.
    (3) Carrying out advertising companies to participate in the creation of advanced corporate activities of spiritual civilization. To carry out the construction of the socialist spiritual civilization of advertising enterprises, the first is to establish active striving for ideas and start from the leadership of the enterprise. , To create a spiritual foundation for enterprises to create a spiritual civilization unit. The second is to organize advertising companies to actively participate in the rectification of false illegal advertising activities. In the rectification, we must improve their ideological awareness, consciously resist false illegal advertisements, first do not make false illegal advertisements, mislead consumer publicity, and advertise for their true and honest advertisements. His works dedicate to society and consumers. The third is to lead the employees of the company to actively participate in public welfare advertising activities. A public welfare advertisement is a beacon of spiritual civilization, which can play a unique publicity. Make more public welfare advertising products, participate in the ranks of socialist spiritual civilization with your own actual actions, and do more work for building a harmonious society.
    (4) Recommended for the qualification identification of advertising enterprises and the evaluation of advertising professional titles. Advertising enterprise qualification identification and advertising professional and technical title review are important parts of promoting the bigger and stronger of advertising enterprises, and taking the road of intensive development. Judging from the situation across the country, the above work has been carried out for many years, but no advertising company in our city has been identified as a level qualification advertising enterprise by the Provincial Guangxian or the China -Guangzhou Association. Assistant advertiser or advertiser. Therefore, the city’s advertising enterprises should combine the actual development of the city in the city, not only creatively produce excellent advertising works with the characteristics of our city to occupy the advertising market, but also go to the province with excellent advertising. The association and advertising enterprises should be consistent, consistent in pace, strengthen cultivation, strengthen their strength, improve their qualifications, improve the quality of advertising professional and technical personnel, and strive to promote the development of the advertising industry in our city.
    (5) Carry out the organization of various types of advertising activities and reporting excellent advertising works. It is necessary to actively organize a series of advertising activities at home and abroad, especially the annual China International Advertising Festival. In the past, advertising companies in our city participated in a series of advertising activities of different forms and sizes, and submitted to excellent advertising works, excellent public welfare advertising works to participate, and also won different awards. However, the participating advertising companies and personnel are spontaneous The scattered, scattered, and scattered prizes are not high. In the future, the association should actively organize the city’s advertising industry to actively participate in a series of various types of advertising activities to broaden their horizons, find gaps, and seek development ideas. Advertising companies must also seize opportunities, and use the unique and unique excellent products, national specialty products, tourism culture products, etc. through the creativity and careful production of tourism and cultural products, and create more advertising products to participate in various advertising activities. Display the smart and wiseness of advertisers in our city and the development level of the advertising industry.
    (6) Strengthen industry integrity construction and promote the healthy development of the advertising industry. Integrity is the root of the survival and development of enterprises, and it is a major issue for the healthy development of the industry and social trust. In order to promote the good and fast development of the advertising industry in our city, improve the level and quality of the economic and social development of advertising to serve the economic and social development, provide a healthy upward, easy -to -understand, true and credible consumer information to the general public, to prevent false illegal advertising into the market, create to create Fair, fair and orderly market environment. First, the association will gradually establish and improve the contract of the rules and regulations in accordance with the requirements of the China -Guangzhou Association and the Provincial Broadcasting Association, regulate the industry’s professional ethics, consciously maintain the reputation of the industry, and establish a good social image. The second is to actively cooperate with the advertising regulatory authorities to increase the supervision and management of false illegal advertisements, and to comment on the typical cases of production and release of false illegal advertisements. The third is to actively cooperate with the advertising supervision department of the industrial and commercial administrative department to do a good job of publicity and training of advertising laws and regulations, enhance the awareness of business management in accordance with the law, fair competition awareness, professional ethics, and strive to promote the health and sustainable development of the advertising industry in our city. Essence
    (7) Strengthen the association’s own construction and improve the guidance and coordination management and service capabilities of the association. The Advertising Association is an organic component of the overall work of the industrial and commercial administrative department. It plays an irreplaceable and important role in strengthening industry self -discipline and promoting the development of the industry. At present, the Office of the Association will work with the Trademark Advertising Department of the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau. According to the preparation of the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce to the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, there is a director of an advertising association office, which is the establishment of a business -level business. This can also be seen that the state attaches importance to the advertising association. We believe that under the correct leadership of the Party Group of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, we will definitely choose the director of the association’s office. The salary of the association’s director does not occupy the funding of the association, and any staff in the association will not receive any compensation from the association. From the perspective of the whole province, the establishment of the city’s advertising association belongs to the late state. Therefore, we must double the efforts, strengthen the construction of the association in accordance with the requirements of the association, and effectively carry out industry self -discipline, industry services, industry credit construction, and consultation and review services before the launch of advertising. Knowledge and influence. At the same time, we must actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member units, breathe with the majority of member units, share their destiny, reflect the legitimate requirements of members in a timely manner, help them solve their problems, and strive to create a good environment for the development of the advertising industry.
    All leaders, representatives, comrades, friends, and the establishment of the advertising association marks that the city’s advertising industry will enter a new stage of development. For the motivation, in -depth implementation of the scientific concept of development, under the leadership of the municipal party committee, municipal government, and industrial and commercial departments at all levels, work together, unite and cooperate, and work hard to push the development of the advertising industry in our city to a new level, and to the economy of our city’s economy Social good and fast development provides better services, and make positive contributions to the construction of harmonious XX and vitality XX!
    Thank you!

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