Employment prospects for pharmaceutical production technology

Employment prospects for pharmaceutical production technology

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  1. After graduation, pharmaceutical production technology (pharmaceutical preparation) can engage in pharmaceutical companies, hospital pharmacies, research institutes, and pharmaceutical management departments engaged in pharmaceutical preparation research, development, production and quality management. In various pharmaceutical operations, production units and medical and health units, Effectively engaged in drug preparations, quality inspection, management, purchasing and sales, and asking for diseases.
    The due to drug production technology (pharmaceutical preparation), relying on the talent needs of modern pharmaceutical companies, and its wide employment surface, it proves that the major has a very good employment prospect.

  2. Pharmaceutical production technology (preparation) professional employment direction
    This students can engage in research, development, process design, production technology improvement and quality control in areas related to drug production technology (preparation and preparation technology) after graduation Work. rn从事行业:rn毕业后主要在制药、新能源、医疗等行业工作,大致如下:rn1 制药/生物工程rn2 新能源rn3 医疗/护理/ Hygiene
    4 Academic/Scientific Research
    5 Medical Equipment/Instrument
    Cope job:
    The work after graduation, mainly engaged in drug preparation researchers, analysis researchers, preparation research and development engineers, etc. N1 Drug Preparation Researcher
    2 Analysis Researcher
    3 Preparation R

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAfter graduating from pharmaceutical production technology, you can engage in production operations, production management, quality detection and control, product development, technology improvement, drug marketing, professional teaching, etc. Work.nPharmaceutical enterprises and institutions: drug production and processing, drug inspection, drug analysis, drug quality control and process management, traditional Chinese medicine processing and identification, drug management and marketing. Due to drug production technology (pharmaceutical preparations), relying on the talent needs of modern pharmaceutical companies, and its broad employment, it proves that the major has a very good employment prospect.nAfter graduation, it is mainly working in the pharmaceutical, new energy, medical care and other industries, as follows: 1 Pharmaceutical/Biological Engineering 2 New Energy 3 Medical/Care/Health 4 Academic/Scientific Research 5 Medical Equipment/Equipmentn1 morenBleak

  4. Pharmaceutical engineering professional employment direction, how is the prospects
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