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  1. I. Definition of different
    Plip -owned drug sales certificates is a pharmaceutical marketer. It is a professional qualification appraisal launched by relevant state departments to rectify the pharmaceutical marketing industry. It is a drug -related professionals engaged in the introduction, recommendation, sales and after -sales service of medical products.
    I Drug practitioners’ job certificate is a certificate that the state must have in order to regulate the knowledge reserves of drug practitioners.
    . Different certificates level
    Drug sales to the upper certificate. The professional qualifications are divided into three levels: assistant pharmaceutical marketers, pharmaceutical marketers, and senior pharmaceutical marketers.
    The employees of the drug practitioners are from high to the end according to professional knowledge level, vocational skills and actual work ability.

    . Different development prospects

    The survey results of China Pharmaceutical Talent Network show that the income level of high -level employees in my country’s pharmaceutical industry rose 5.98%as a whole, especially middle and senior management management Personal salary increased by more than 11%.
    The demand for composite talents that are proficient in pharmaceutical theoretical knowledge and have management capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry is very large. With the newly revised drug management measures are about to implement and the pharmaceutical classification management system is gradually implemented, pharmacy manager operates in pharmacy operations in pharmacy operation In the field of management, it will be more and more important. It can be judged that the requirements for the examination registration review of the vocational training of pharmaceutical business employees are also increasing.
    The competition in the pharmaceutical market is becoming increasingly fierce. More pharmaceutical manufacturers have invested their attention from “production” into “sales”, and the pharmaceutical marketing team has continued to expand. It is reported that the number of product production personnel of some pharmaceutical manufacturers has reached 1: 8 compared with the number of pharmaceutical sales personnel, and this number is developing at a rate of nearly 20%per year.
    The medical marketer certificate is strong and targeted at the pharmaceutical industry. In the future, it may become an access certificate for the pharmaceutical industry. Essence
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