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  1. The customer bank of the enterprise bank is a code distributed by the bank to the enterprise. It is the only number corresponding to the enterprise when applying for the company’s online banking. Similar to the personal ID number, it is generally a string of numbers. If you do n’t remember the customer number of the enterprise bank, you can call the account opening bank for manual consultation or hold an enterprise seal to the artificial counter of the account opening bank for inquiry.

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    I online banking is also known as online banking, online banking or electronic banks. It is a virtual counter set up by banks on the Internet. Traditional service items such as account sales, inquiry, reconciliation, interior transfer, cross -bank transfer, credit, online securities, investment and wealth management and other traditional service items, so that customers can safely and conveniently manage their current and regular deposits, checks, credit cards and individuals Investment, etc.
    The characteristics of online banking are that as long as customers have accounts and passwords, they can enter the Internet banking through the Internet and enter online banking through the Internet. Compared with traditional banking business, the advantages of online banking are reflected in the following points: r
    (1) greatly reduce bank operating costs and effectively improve bank profitability. Opening the business of the second bank of the network, mainly using public network resources. There is no need to set up physical branches or business outlets, reducing personnel costs and improving the efficiency of the bank background system.
    (2) Limited time limit, which is conducive to expanding the customer group. The online banking business breaks the regional and time limit of the traditional banking business. It has the characteristics of 3A, that is, at any time (Anytime), anywhere (Anywhere), and in any way (Anyhow) to provide customers with financial services, which is both conducive to attracting And retaining high -quality customers, and can actively expand the customer base and open up new sources of profits.
    (3) It is conducive to service innovation and provides customers with a variety of types and personalized services. Selling insurance, securities, and funds through bank business outlets are often greatly limited, mainly because general business outlets are difficult to provide customers with detailed and low -cost information consulting services.
    In the use of the Internet and bank payment systems, it is easy to meet the needs of customer consultation, purchase and transactions for various financial products. In addition to handling banking business, customers can also easily conduct online buying and selling stocks, bonds, etc. Customers provide more suitable personalized financial services.
    Corns online banking is a online banking service developed by banks for enterprise users. Compared with personal online banking, corporate online banking has a higher level of security and more functions for enterprises.
    Corned online banking, an electronic channel that cannot be underestimated, is rapidly developing into an innovative force for the existing operating model of the enterprise. It is to help customers enter the strong and powerful booster in the new era of electronic trade. Trade partners realize effective financial tools for maximizing benefits and optimization of resources in the process of trade trading.

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