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What are the institutions of Shanghai learning IELTS – europuppyblog

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  1. There are 10 IELTS training institutions and 37 campuses in Shanghai.
    The IELTS training institution and campus information display below:
    ① Shanghai Global IELTS: Xujiahui Zhongjin Campus, Pudong Campus, Changning Zhongshan Park Campus and other 8 campuses
    ② 徐: Xujiahui Campus, Renguang Campus, Yangpu Campus and other 8 campuses
    ③ Shanghai Langge: Xuhui Center, Yangpu Center, Songjiang Center and other 7 campuses
    ④ Shanghai Lan La: Ren Guang Campus, Xuhui School, Holy School, Holy School, Holy School, Holy School A total of 3 campuses such as the love campus
    ⑤ Shanghai Meiyi: Xujiahui Center and other campuses
    The teaching ideas of IELTS training institutions affect the counseling effect. It is recommended that students choose the training system of the institution when they choose the training institution Essence
    If formal horizontal ability tests, small classes to teach, teachers and training courses for teaching and research teachers are the three conditions that the IELTS teaching system needs to meet. However, these three conditions are often not up to many training institutions. They will focus more on the promotion skills such as “betting questions”, “problem solving”, and “back machine sutras”.
    Is from the professionalism of the teacher, the scientific nature of the textbook, the innovation of teaching methods, and the significant teaching effect of the teaching method are overlooked. IELTS tutoring is not only as simple as the exam. It also contains the extension of cultural concepts, the quality of the teacher’s quality, and the localization of teaching. Therefore, the most effective method of judgment is to listen first, understand its teaching mode, and then make choices.

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