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  1. Method/Step
    It to do a good job of positioning, this is important. This step is to make promotion more accurate and more effective. This needs to start according to the company’s products and target consumer groups. It is necessary to understand what issues and what form of the consumer care, which is the characteristics of consumers. After the positioning, I know how to meet the needs of consumers to the greatest extent.
    After the positioning is well positioned, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the enterprise, summarize from the content of the content, the form of content, summarize, and list a frame. The typesetting, push time, frequency, text, picture style, etc. of the content must be paid attention. This content promotion.
    The essence of promotion is to tell users that our public account can help users and what to help users do. Compared with other WeChat public accounts, we have our characteristics, reflect differentiation, and make our WeChat public account more. Recognition. The same is true for promotion of activities. Tell users what activities we have here, what benefits can be brought to them in participating activities, and how to participate. This is to attract users’ attention, it is a early work, and then tell users what benefits we will have for a long time. Do not pass the active activities that are not substantial, it is likely to attract some zombie powder.
    M WeChat certification, set a custom menu, and conduct secondary development of WeChat public account, such as WeChat official website, setting album, custom response, etc.
    It dig the needs of users, do a good job of marketing planning activities, combine the weaknesses of human nature, while users understand us, they feel that our products and contents are what they have always wanted to find. Anyone who does anything wants to bring benefits for every time you pay. If you can’t bring your benefits and comfort in your heart, why do you pay? These are the best jobs to do a good job of content. After doing the content, it is necessary to promote through the forms, channels, text, pictures, videos, software and other forms.
    The promotion on the PC side is to attract people to scan the QR code through the promotion of highlights on the official website, forums, blogs, Weibo, B2B, B2B, classification information website, etc. Essence
    The promotion through the apps on the mobile phone, two -dimensional code, account, and content forwarding. After registering many trumpets, promotion, and promoting public accounts.
    The two -dimensional code, business cards, X display racks, ground stickers, and offline store preferential activities and training activities through ground publicity posters, which attracts people to pay attention.

  2. Now the WeChat public platform is known to more and more people, so how to effectively promote your platform? This is a method collected from various websites. I hope to help everyone quickly master the promotion and use of WeChat public platforms.
    1. BBS, community website
    Blogs, post bars, everyone, happy network, etc., various social networking sites, soft texts are written well, breaking 10,000 a day,
    This is not a miracle.
    . WeChat push each other
    WeChat’s fastest way to increase fans. After thousands of fans, the team’s strongest tips for pushing each other’s strongest fans
    . Use Weibo to bring East WeChat
    The two -dimensional code promotion and released a new paragraph about the promotion of WeChat public account. Through the large Weibo drive, it brought the first wave of audiences to the WeChat signal. Of course, the premise is the new revision of the product’s official website. Taking QR code WeChat as the mainstream visual orientation, at the same time, short -term interactive activities have been opened to use the opportunity to give gifts to attract the attention of the audience and participate in the scanning volume.
    . Try to shake it!
    WeChat has achieved the dream of most otaku, and therefore has a model of fun and dating. In order to successfully use this part of the people’s curiosity and friends, we planned the theme plan of beauty communication. By shaking our curiosity, we have produced a total of 20,000 shakes and friends in three days, and the conversion rate is more than 50%when the conversion rate is the highest. A curiosity was guided by the WeChat public account, and the public account retained the hearts.
    . Drifting bottle
    The audience of a fast -moving consumer goods is not entirely a male audience. Women are the main war. In this way, the word of mouth of the second wave of mouth will automatically weaken, in order to make up for this lack. The drifting bottle activities we planned must adopt the mode of passing bottle. Such an influence and the wide spread of the population are wider, but the only disadvantage is that the conversion cycle and conversion rate of the drifting bottle do not want to shake WeChat as optimistic so optimistic. Essence Within three days, we released nearly 10,000 drifting bottles, and the audience who followed our WeChat signal by only increased by more than 2,000.
    6. Bring a public account with a personal number
    The friends who use your personal number,
    to share the public account to the circle of friends. There are thousands of fans … !!

    7. QQ promotion
    In WeChat QQ number, make full use of QQ group, QQ mailbox, and other resources. Attract people attention
    Mexia first ~ temporarily think of so much ~

  3. I. Promotion of Activity
    This -based promotion can be divided into online and offline. Online and WeChat activities are also included online. There are many ways. For example, launching activities on Weibo, pay attention to the opportunity to event gifts. Or launch activities in WeChat, introduce friends around you to get discount gifts, and so on. For offline methods, please refer to Weibo. For example, the restaurant needs to promote its own WeChat signal. As long as you launch an event, you can enjoy discounts or send a certain food to each guest to pay attention to WeChat.

    . The large -scale promotion of Weibo
    The grassroots Weibo large -scale to make WeChat very quickly get a lot of fans. You can also use your own resources to interchange with others. However, for novices without resources, you can only find some Weibo large numbers to promote money.

    . Cooperation push
    Although it is a gameplay on Weibo, it is said to have a good effect! This is also the best and fastest way. The effect of WeChat mutual push is far better than the mutual push of Weibo. First, 1,000 fans start to find someone to cooperate with each other, and every time the effect is good, they will get hundreds of fans. So it is also important to do WeChat cooperation. However, it should be remembered that this method can be pushed each other on Weibo, but we need to be cautious on WeChat. Once reported, it may be blocked.

    . The trumpet with a large
    The resource friends can use this trick, make hundreds of trumpets, and then add WeChat friends crazy.

    5. Other online promotion
    The promotion of this type does not need to be introduced, it is nothing more than everyone! Douban! Post it! Space and so on.
    But this kind of promotion is also a place that needs to pay attention to skills. For example, post it, you can make the QR code into a signature picture, so that almost every comments of your comments are promoting, and it is not easy to be deleted.

    6. Promotion based on LBS
    This is also the simplest method, which is: personality signature. Set the induced personality signature. Then check the people nearby, you can be seen by others. If your signature attracts others, it may get attention.

    . Offline promotion
    The things that are resources that are resources can do, such as you have physical stores, resources or money. There are many ways, posted advertisements, put advertisements in your own resources, and so on. Of course, you can also send publicity on the street or subway entrance. In short, if you have money, you will burn advertisements. If you have resources, you will send a leaflet on the street without money and no resources.

    eight, shake
    “Shake”, our goal is to let them see our signature or add us, then you can keep shaking I have tried it, the effect is surprisingly good. The advantage of this method is that it can break the regional restrictions. Shake is pairing according to the user who shakes the mobile phone at the same time. If there is no nearby, then you will be paired with other relatively close ones.

    . Nine. This method is a small upgraded version with a small number with a large number. In order to keep the exercise, sometimes it is not convenient to participate in some unscrupulous brushing methods. What should I do? The answer is to engage in a trumpet that is not daily. Through the trumpet fans in any wayless way, and then publicize the large number through this trumpet, which can not only keep the large martial arts, but also compare the more than A good way of publicity, in fact, this method of raising the number is best to do some unsatisfactory grassroots, such as what constellation! Emotional! Funny! And easier to raise. Based on these large or even hundreds of thousands of fans, the effect will be much better.

    This, Weibo picture promotion
    This is the most important way to defend the festivals. Whether it is a personal Weibo trumpet or the official number, you can add the bottom of the Weibo picture. The method of publicity of QR codes is one of the most ways to harm users.

  4. There are many WeChat users, a WeChat in the basic hand, and the WeChat promotion method is very many. Let me talk about it one by one:
    Methods 1: Recommended to friends and relatives
    Most WeChat operators have experienced such a stage: recommend WeChat signals they operate to relatives and friends, invite them to pay attention, and launch them to recommend more friends, commonly known as “brushing face”.
    It you can also use WeChat trumpet to go to WeChat groups and QQ groups that are concentrated in the target crowd, interact with users, add more accurate friends, and then slowly convert these WeChat friends into WeChat users. Methods.
    Method 2: Internal resource drainage
    The main products of many companies may be websites or APPs. New media just exports as auxiliary publicity. Therefore, new media partners must remember that you are not fighting alone. First of all, think about what internal resources you can use, and the user group of the product and the user group of the product’s WeChat is very high. 3: Content dissemination
    How to ensure that you can have stable and good content, then you must find a way to maximize the content benefits, so send your content to more target users.
    : Group promotion
    The first batch of users of WeChat public account comes from WeChat groups, and the way to use is persistent high -quality articles push. With the continued decrease in WeChat opening rate, the QQ group and WeChat group promotion that concentrated on the user group has always been a relatively stable promotion method.
    It should be noted, do not throw the article directly into the group. If you throw the article in the group, you must have a comment. Because many groups are now like an advertising group, in order to distinguish from advertising, be sure to attach your own views or refine the content of the article, and interact with friends in the group. Of course, if you can arrange the “Water Army” in the group, the effect will be better.
    Method 5: WeChat public account push each other
    In the friends who match the WeChat user group, push each other together. At present, it is more popular to introduce several WeChat signals. The advantage is simple and fast, and the effect is good, but the premise is that the number of fans needs to reach a certain number, and the threshold is high. You can accumulate fans first, and then find someone to cooperate with each other.
    Method 6: Video promotion
    If you have the ability to make fun videos, you can upload to Youku, Tencent Video and other platforms, insert a QR code picture in the video.
    If you do not have a team to make such videos, you can collect some funny fun videos upload, edit later, plus your own WeChat public account.
    Method 7: Push
    In the place where the user gathers, and obtain precise users by displaying services prize gifts. If your WeChat user is a college student, then going to college for a circle is a good choice. If your WeChat user is a female user, then go to the mall to set up a stall. Swipe your WeChat wall, subway, and outdoor advertisements are also feasible.
    Method 8: Popular events marketing
    The marketing combined with hot events. You can check the rankings below to get hot spots, then start to conceive the content, and finally publish it in the public account.
    (1) Zhihu;
    (2) The hotspots of the news of various portals such as Baidu Fengyun List, Sohu, Sina, Netease and other portals;
    (3) Baidu search for the wind and cloud list;
    (4) Online review rankings-Sohu;
    (5) Popular news ranks weekly;
    (6) Baidu Tieba Popular Post;
    (8) Hot spots on today’s headlines, Sohu News clients.
    Method 9: Share activities
    It now to share so many salons online and offline. If you have dry goods in a certain field, you can also talk about it. It can be carried out on its own WeChat public account, users need to register through WeChat to participate, or it can be shared on the platform of other WeChat signals.
    Method 10: Free to give away dry goods
    You can make your WeChat article content, or some dry goods in the industry, preferably original valuable, make exquisite electronic version, electronic version, electronic version, electronic version To bring the cover, it is best to attract the attention of the picture and text. Then through the public account interaction, the fans need to leave the mailbox and send it to the other mailbox within 24 hours.
    Method 11: Gifts/sending red envelopes
    It can adopt a large gift package delivery form, which contains trial products, vouchers, bookmarks, notepads, canvas bags, etc. Cosmetics

  5. 1. Connect to people for promotion
    For Xiaobai, who had just entered the industry, it was talked about promotion that made the two monks. First of all, what we can use is the people and colleagues around ourselves. Although the scope is small, it can always do some small communication in the early stage.

    2, WeChat group and other promotion
    The number of people in your own WeChat must be limited. At this time, you can use the power of WeChat group. Of course Whether the article is worth publishing, whether someone will read, and whether it will help others, otherwise the result of the chaos is to be kicked. At the same time, we must also find more groups in the same industry to join, and make special promotion for the needs of specific groups. This effect will be better.

    3, apply for WeChat trumpet circle of friends
    The content in the circle of friends to promote your WeChat public account content. This is a very routine approach. There is nothing to say. The premise is to add a lot of WeChat friends. Although WeChat friends have the upper limit, one number can be added with 5,000 people, and the number of affectionate a few people is also considerable.

    4, the public account cooperative push.
    The mutual push is the most economical method. First of all, you have to have a certain fan base. You have no fans. Who wants to push you with you? And the push is equal to each other If you do it, you ca n’t report false news to deceive others, and the above behavior is strongly boycott! So how to lighten your eyes to analyze the authenticity of the other party and the degree of fans of the fan attributes when pushing each other. Plim your eyes.

    5, soak various forums, stickers, or websites similar to Zhihu.
    The main reasons: one is that there are many users, and the other is to find the corresponding field. As we all know, there are many people soaked in the posts and forums every day, and we can post publicity or implant the promotion information when answering or exploring questions. Pay attention to the method and method is too directly to make people disgusted. In short, you will follow you when you see that you are very professional or exciting.

    6. Advertising promotion
    The advertisement on major media platforms. This is nothing to say, just spend money.

    7, ground push
    It places where people are relatively high, the subway entrances, shopping malls, playgrounds and other people are promoted. First of all, it depends on where your target users are, and after careful analysis, it will achieve more effort. This is also time -consuming and laborious, and the final effect is not bad. If it is well maintained, the conversion rate is relatively high.

    8, WeChat promotion platform-third-party website
    The first, do not put funds in some so-called “top ten WeChat promotion platforms” or something. Some WeChat promotion platforms have only developed recently. They are very imperfect, and some even have later opening time than your public account. The cost of a little effect is amazing, and the other costs are slightly lower. The effect is not to mention. The content of those accounts alone has a big problem. So choose carefully!

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