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What is oil and gas storage technology? – europuppyblog

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  1. Oil and gas storage and transportation, as the name suggests, is the storage and transportation of oil and gas. Its main task is to use advanced process measures to collect oil well products, process as much as possible, produce as many qualified crude oil and natural gas, and transport them to the specified locations safely and economically as required and economically.
    This oil and gas storage transportation mainly includes mine oil and gas concentrations, long -range pipeline transportation of oil and gas, oil and gas storage and loading and unloading of various transfer links, terminal oil and gas storage and sales, oil and gas storage and transportation and transportation of refineries and petrochemical plants, such as Figure 7-1 shown.
    If Figure 7-1 Oil and gas storage schematic diagram
    This oil and gas storage transportation is a very important stage after the exploration of oil collection, oilfield development, and oil collection project. The link between the transportation and sales of all aspects is to communicate the bridge between the oil industry and other departments of the national economy. It is a leverage in the field of balanced supply and demand, which is of great significance to ensure the stable economic development of the country.

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