3 thoughts on “Cosmetics SWOT analysis?”

  1. Advantages: 1. According to the current ranking of the company in the industry, we have a stable customer group, especially low -income consumer groups, with high loyalty; 2. The product quality effect is good; 3, the brand image is better; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; n Disadvantages: 1, the promotion model is aging, limited to several propaganda models. 2. The consumer market segment is not clear enough. We only divide consumers for income levels. 3, new products have insufficient research and development, and the current products of enterprises are relatively single.
    4, the company does not form its own core competitiveness
    Opportunity: 1. The rise of emerging industries: natural products will be popular; You can learn from it; succeed in failure, and replicate successfully.
    3, the network trade is increasingly rising, the network provides convenient trading platforms and seductive prices to replace ordinary trading models
    4. The continuous income level has brought new opportunities for this industry to the continuous demand for beauty.
    The threat: 1. The level of the competitors industry is at the same starting line. The product has the same or similar functions, and there is a greater alternative risk;
    2, cosmetics advertisement competes rapidly and competition is fierce. Advertising is the main propaganda method of the domestic cosmetics industry.
    3, the cosmetics industry urgently needs to be upgraded. Affected by the financial crisis, rising costs, and decline in profits have become an indisputable fact. If companies do not adjust their industrial structure, they are likely to be eliminated by the market.

  2. There are many cosmetics! Specific issues, specific analysis, SWOT: advantageous and disadvantaged threat opportunities
    different entry points, you can get different results, so I also love to help! Intersection

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