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  1. Introduction: US Yidou Group/U.S. Xuyong Fashion Management Group
    A US Yidou Group is a world -renowned clothing and clothing production procurement management group. It is a professional clothing fashion product global procurement service provider. Procurement and trade activities have transformed into a high -efficiency, high -efficiency, low -cost business model, promoting and expanding the trade of world fashion products, guiding enterprises to participate in the global market competition, and serving global businessmen.
    Muchang Fashion Management Group, as the core related enterprise of clothing, comprehensively manage brand business creativity, design, planning, management, promotion, and technology supply chain management services. Its main brand APLOMB, Frizz Jeans/Newyork, etc., open a number of specialty stores and stores in various regions. It does not spare no effort to actively promote the concepts of popular fashion and advanced management. APLOMB and FRIZZ have begun to enter the Greater China since 2003 in China, and have expanded their fashion awareness in the consumer group at the speed of fast.
    Thefang Xunxing Fashion Management Group is headquartered in Greater Los Angeles, Asia Management Headquarters in Shanghai, China, and cooperating in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in North America and China. Design, production, processing, and logistics are integrated, providing comprehensive brand supply to more than 700 stores and many well -known brand companies in the United States and Asia, which can complete the various needs of customers in all grades of fashion products. Group customers include famous JC Penny, Macys, KOHL. Target. Nordstrom. Saks Fifth Ave, etc.
    Chat Xixong is committed to establishing long -term cooperative relationships with customers, assisting international buyers to purchase safely and efficiently from China, and at the same time provides rapid and convenient international trade services for Chinese and American enterprises. Chinese companies will quickly realize export transactions our services, quality and price advantages will exceed your expectations.
    Email: weiyan_cao@sina
    Legal representative: Guan Xiulan
    Established date: 2006-06-06
    registered capital: 10.9 million US dollars
    Unifies social credit code:
    A operating status: Demonstration (in camp, opening, booking)
    industry industry: manufacturing
    company types )
    English name: Xudong (SHANGHAI) Clothing Co., LTD.
    Points of personnel: 100-499 people
    Corporate Address: Room 1501, No. 137, Bailan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 1501, 1502, 1502, 1502 Room
    The business scope: production and processing of clothing, clothing and shoe and hats (production and processing restrictions), selling self -produced products; clothing design services; clothing and clothing, shoe, textiles, luggage, leather products, accessories, ornaments (金、银首饰除外)、化妆品、制衣设备、熨烫设备的批发、零售(限分支)、佣金代理(拍卖除外)、进出口及其他相关配套服务(不涉及国营贸易管理商品,涉及配额、 If the license is managed, the application is processed in accordance with relevant state regulations).
    [The project must be approved by the law, and the business activities can be carried out after approval by relevant departments]

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