1 thought on “What do you say about Guan Peisheng’s interview for 30 seconds?”

  1. Highlight your own characteristics, show your love of life, and your parents, you know the degree of familiarity with the company you are looking for, and position yourself.

    1. Guan Peisheng is the abbreviation of management trainers. Management trainee is a foreign term. It is a special project with the main goal of training the company’s future leaders in foreign companies.
    2. The cause of career, emphasizing the cause of the career is that the company generally hopes that management trainees can become the company’s senior managers through exercise, but this process is destined to be a hard and challenging process.
    3. If there is no career, a spirit of unwillingness to lose, it is easy to give up in this hard process. Therefore, a large goal, a unremitting pursuit, is particularly important for management trainees.
    4. There are a lot of understanding of leadership, but generally require the team to lead the team to complete the scheduled goals, and this ability is largely trained in past management practice.
    5. Expression ability and persuasion ability, specifically to explain your own opinions and achieve the ability to communicate, such as how to use different languages ​​for different conversation objects, how to use body language correctly, how to set conversation scenes, etc. Essence

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