2 thoughts on “What issues should be paid attention to in management training for interviews”

  1. Interviewer:
    1. As a Guan Peisheng, short -term career planning is relatively clear. In the early stage of learning management content, the basic knowledge and skills in the early stage. During the interview, long -term work planning and comprehensive quality , Communication skills, etc. are all concerns, the focus is on long -term ideas, but it is down -to -earth.
    The interviewer:
    2. When doing ability and quality evaluation, the tendency of management ideas must be paid special attention, because Guan Peisheng is a long -term training plan for enterprises, and invests a lot of energy and financial resources, so It is important to choose people. To establish the quality model of targeted positions, whether it has the value of development, it is important to have the personal planning of an employee. Whether it can be able to stabilize with the enterprise for a long time, and whether the mentality is positive.

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