5 thoughts on “How about opening a cold drink store in the cold drink store”

  1. First, pearl milk tea

    The production of pearl milk tea is very simple, just like making cocktails. In addition to pearl milk tea, pearl tea, as well as more than 20 kinds of tea such as cherry black tea, mint green tea, Baixiang black tea and strawberry milk tea. Those who like to drink frozen pearl milk tea probably prefer the feeling of using the particularly thick straw! Coupled with the implicit of black tea, the simple milk, the toughness of pearls, clever combination, no wonder that so many young people came to taste tea like a demon. Drinking pearl milk tea often is good for hypertension, heart disease, lack of sleep, and poor mental spirit.
    . Colorful fruit drinks

    Curaded fruit drinks are very popular tea drinks recently. Pear tea, orange tea, banana tea, hawthorn tea, coconut tea, fruit tea black heart tea and so on. For some kind of health purposes, people have a certain effect of beverages that are beneficial to the human body to make it alone or made with tea. Colorful fruit drinks have health effects, different fruit tea has different effects, and is a natural way of health.
    . Hong Kong -style desserts

    When Hong Kong -style desserts first arrived in Mainland China, many people did not know what Hong Kong -style desserts were. I am worried that eating too much will get fat, and the health concept of Hong Kong -style desserts is not recognized. This is exactly the opposite of Hong Kong. Hong Kong people treat Hong Kong -style desserts as good health. When they look at the good beauty and beauty. Over time, everyone realizes that Hong Kong -style desserts and cakes and bread are not a concept. A delicious and healthy food.
    four, four, four fruit soup

    four fruit soup is a very delicious point, not only can it be cool and detoxify, but also the taste is refreshing. In the hot summer, it is covered with broken ice. Under the four fruit soup, take a bite, it is a great happiness that is here, refreshing the spleen
    5. Ice cream and eggs

    This ice cream took off the icy coat and put on the warm egg noodles warm Clothing, ice cream moved to the egg babies, the new food business opportunities immediately sprayed, and the qq eggs were crispy and smooth; the entrance of the ice cream was immediately melted, and the new way of heart and lungs. Ice cream, even more fire -seeking investors who look at the egg ice cream, especially dessert shops, beverage shops.
    With the advent of summer, many investment franchisees thought of opening a cold drink store, and it was very profitable to open a cold drink shop in summer. At the moment, young people like to drink drinks very much. Summer is the peak season for cold drinks. It is easy to find the shadow of “cold drink shops” next to the bustling commercial neighborhoods, next to universities, and near the community. The business is also booming. The weather became hot every day, and the cold drink industry was hot again. The development of the cold drink store is very large, and the management is very simple. The cost of opening a store is not high, which is very suitable for novice investment and entrepreneurship.

  2. The prospects are good. In recent years, residents have changed the consumption psychology and consumption behavior of cold drinks. From the past, from the heatstroke prevention and cooling consumption to leisure and enjoyment consumption, my country’s cold drink consumption is in a period of rapid development.
    The reference to the “China Cold Drink Industry Industry and Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis Report” data released by the forward -looking release shows that in 2009, the market size of the cold drink industry in my country reached 19.3 billion yuan. Compared with the world’s per capita cold drink consumption, my country’s per capita cold drink consumption is still at a low level, and the disparity gap indicates that the development potential of China’s cold drink consumption market is huge. The transformation of consumer awareness of residents in my country and the surge in consumer capacity will become a huge opportunity for cold drink companies.

  3. What is the market prospect of the cold drink store? First of all, the customer group is large, and the market share is larger. Little profits. In recent years, people’s living standards have been greatly improved. Young people prefer and milk tea drinks. The market has gradually become younger. The current cold market is still mainly young people. The consumer industry is still in a period of rapid development. As more and more cold -drink brands have the layout, they slowly transform to new consumption.

  4. In the catering industry, cold drinks are a small entrepreneurial project. The market prospects for cold drinks are very large. Many entrepreneurs have seen the market prospects of cold drinks joining. How to increase popularity in the newly opened cold drink franchise stores in operations has become a big problem. Customers In addition to buying the quality, you have to buy a reputation, a good service, and a good service to treat guests with good service.

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