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  1. Every IT person wants to enter an extraordinary multinational large -scale enterprise, so there is no real talent to learn, and it cannot be supported in the interview.
    The main feature of the interview is the specificity of the scene, which is very different from daily observation and inspection. Observation and conversations between people in daily life are carried out in natural scenes.
    The carefully designed before the interview, which is the difference between interviews with general conversations, interviews, and conversations.
    The interviews and conversations in daily life, although it has the effect of direct contact form and emotional communication, is not carefully designed.
    The face -to -face observation, conversation and other methods used in the interview not only reflects its comprehensiveness of questioning, listening, inspection, analysis, and judgment, but also enables interviews with general oral tests, written tests, operation demonstrations, background investigations, etc. The form of personnel quality test is different. Oral test is only a speech test, and the interview also includes comprehensive analysis, reasoning and judgment of test elements other than the behavioral characteristics other than the language characteristics of the test staff.
    This can be classified differently from different angles. According to the mode of implementation, it can be divided into oral test and scenario simulation interview. Oral test can be divided into conversation, question and answer, debate, defense, speech, discussion. Scenario simulation interviews are common with file processing simulation, on -site operation simulation, role -playing simulation, work activity simulation, conference simulation, etc.; According to use, it can be divided into recruitment employee interviews, civil servants’ interviews, leading cadres selection interviews, competition interviews, enrollment enrollment Interviews, recruitment interviews, qualification assessment interviews, etc.; According to the number of candidates, it can be divided into individual interviews and collective interviews. The most common collective interview is the discussion of the leadership group, and it is divided into discussion and discussion of the leadership group; according to the degree of standardization, it can be divided into structured interviews, semi -structured interviews and liberalized interviews; Sexual interviews, distinction interviews, diagnostic interviews, predictive interviews; the use of interview results can be divided into target interviews and regular mode interviews. According to the nature of the test items, it can be divided into knowledge interviews, personality (temperament, personality) interviews, intelligence (intelligence, ability, skills) interviews, willing , Instrument, physical health) interviews, etc.; According to the pressure applied by the corresponding test personnel, it can be divided into pressure -type interviews and non -pressure -type interviews; according to the interview process, it can be divided into one -time interviews and staged interviews.
    fundamental speaking, the role of interviews is consistent with talent testing methods such as written tests and psychological measurement, that is, the purpose of evaluation, distinction, and prediction. The evaluation is to determine whether the applicants have reached a prescribed standard through the ability, quality and level of ability, quality and level of ability;

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