1 thought on “How to make a balcony fake mountain fish pond”

  1. Production materials and requirementsn
    n1. Stones that make the indoor fake mountain fish ponds are generally preferred by British stone.n
    n2. Principles of size: Choose the size of the stone, the large pieces of stone are placed below, and the small pieces of stone are placed on it.n
    n3. Under the premise of consistent with the principle of nearby, choose stone materials according to the type of rockery fish pond, generally make rockery flowing water, stones, water -absorbing stones, and make rockery fountains to select turtle stones and water absorption stones.n
    nThe method of making rockery is as follows:n
    n1. According to the pre -produced rockery model, after the idea of ​​using appropriate tree, stone, mountain, grass and other materials, in the fish pond spacen
    n2. The arranging combination is performed to fulfill this idea. The basic operation process of rockery is actually bonding.n
    n3. The glue agents that are bonded with mountains are cement (two types of gray, white), epoxy resin, No. 307 -1 unsaturated polytal resin. From cheap and easy to use, the rockery glue is mostly used in cement. The higher the label of the cement, the better.

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