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How to find a newly -entered customer manager – europuppyblog

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  1. Customers are the foundation for our business. Many new customer managers do not know how to develop new customers. Let me briefly talk about some of my experience and tell everyone how to find customers. First, unfamiliar visit to find customers strange visits to find customers. First, we must prepare information about the bank’s profile, business profile, etc., and then start from the highest floor of the first floor, and visit one floor one by one. Of course, the success rate of doing so is low, but if you persist and make experience, there will still be a lot of gains. The strange visit is the most basic method. It is suitable for the customer manager who has just entered the industry. It is the most difficult development, but it is the most effective means. The main points of the use of unfamiliar visits: Before we are prepared before the strange visit, although it is a strange visit, you should still prepare the bank’s information so that customers feel that we are prepared. Strange marketing should pay attention to the proposal. If you do not meet, you should directly ask the cooperation requirements. First, you should get closer to the customer’s relationship. Through talking, let customers understand you and accept you. If you want to be effective for strange visits, customers’ visits are the foundation and must be marketing in large quantities. Strange visits must be confident and always persistent. Therefore, the first step of the newly -entered customer manager is to practice the guts, and the contact customers can no longer speak on the idea, and can have their own clear context. Second, the information is looking for customers to find customers through some useful media, especially newspapers and magazines. It is recommended to pay attention to: (1), some financial newspapers (2), some financial networks (3), some industry networks (4), some Important Industry and Commerce Announcement (5) and the New Enterprise Registration Information of the Industry and Commerce Bureau pays attention to various lists, such as the list announced by some industry associations, such as the local real estate enterprise list announced by the real estate industry association, and the approved finished product released by the Ministry of Commerce announced Oil’s enterprise list, list of local steel circulation top 100 companies, etc. The customer manager should develop the habit of reading newspapers for half an hour every night, find customer information from the news, or make newspapers responsible for the industry every day. Do not waste time to look at the entertainment column. Third, the chain pioneering customer chain pioneering customer manager applied to the mature customer manager already has a certain customer foundation, mastered a certain skill, and needs to further expand the customer base. Chain pioneering, through existing customers as the source of marketing clues, marketing is related to customers. The most effective way is to use the bank acceptance bill as a marketing tool to directly market the ticket owner. The main points of the use of relationship development law: let customers agree with you, customers are willing to help you market to his affiliated customers. Let customers agree with your financial products, customers think that your financial products are very valuable. First, let the customer introduce it by themselves. Second, find affiliate customers through existing products, issue bank acceptance bills to find the payee, and find the issuer through the proposed document. The bills issued by the Bank must assist customers to send tickets. Fourth, case imitation finds customers to try to copy marketing by in -depth research on existing successful cases. At the time of marketing, we will fully study the bank’s credit products, and at the same time study the cases of successful use of products, find customers within the determined industry and the scope of customers, and strive to form their own brand. Do not blindly attack a client, first evaluate whether the bank can accept such customers, what products to use to establish cooperation with customers, what the bank can get, and whether the bank has a precedent for similar customers. Customers who have precedent for this bank, the loans of similar customers are well passed, so that the successful power is high. The above is my experience. The newly -entered customer managers must learn carefully and take less detours. If you have any good experience, you can leave a message. Everyone studies and discuss! Intersection Intersection

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