4 thoughts on “Is there any clothing wholesale market in Zhuhai”

  1. The country is more famous in the country in Guangzhou and Hangzhou
    Strophic in Guangzhou: White Horse Market in high -grade areas, middle and high -end thirteen lines, and low -end Shahe
    It Hangzhou concentrated in: north old market, four seasons new and old markets.
    This markets are relatively mature and large scale, and manufacturers’ resources are also concentrated.
    has been making clothing for more than ten years. From young guys to middle -aged uncle, I hope to bring novice friends
    The valuable experience in these years, and let novice friends find the supply of supply less. detour.
    Add emblem: 93.33.08 .. Communicate together.

  2. At the Tongda Department Store next to Xiangzhou Terminal, the Xinhe Station took a car and Taiping car at the Tongda Station. The terminal was the Yellow River wholesale market! Intersection Intersection (You asked the wrong place)

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