How does the background index be restored in the new version of Taobao? Is there any small plug -in or tool!

5 thoughts on “How does the background index be restored in the new version of Taobao? Is there any small plug -in or tool!”

  1. In the new version of the business staff, all the background data has become an index, which is not actual data to us. It can only look at the trend to solve the thirst. The real reference is very small. Most sellers still want to see real data and use the index conversion tools Flying bird e -commerce assistant, one -click restore real data, does not need to install plug -ins, the software uses function formula to convert the business staff index into a real value, input conversion index, output the actual conversion rate; input the transaction index, output the actual transaction amount; Group index, output the actual number of buyers; input traffic index, output the actual number of visitors; input the number of purchases, output the actual number of buyers; input the popularity of the collection, output the actual number of collectors.
    The business staff index restore, no plug -in

  2. 1. Baidu search “Toad Tool Box”
    . Click the first place in the homepage to enter the “Toad Tool Box Official Website”
    . Click to download to use
    Partners should also see or hear all kinds of toolboxes, so today I will introduce to you a professional e -commerce
    Box “
    This toolbox is a comprehensive auxiliary tool that integrates operation, management and actual combat.
    In the title of market analysis, selection, finding supply, finding word combination, to the analysis of data index analysis, traffic word transactions, illegal root, channel data and other analysis of the data indicators of competing products and competition stores. Price drainage, PPC increases ROI production, see the keywords of the perspective competing products, etc., and then create explosive models to reduce dimension labels, as well as practical toolboxes for store fans management, old customer re -marketing, r,
    Mustable tools for opening the store, using the toad toolbox.
    The most popular features of the toad toolbox: Taobao/Pinduoduo/Duodian Baby Copy, Black Search, Card Shoushi, and Speed ​​Number.

  3. Now there are many tool plug -ins that can be converted. I think the [Xiao Tool Box] This plug -in is pretty useful. You can convert it directly on the business staff page. It is very convenient and easy to use. Can be used directly

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