What is the work of copywriting?

If you want to enter this industry, do you have any requirements? If you read yourself, what professional books, where are you downloading or professional forums?
Which books do you usually read?

3 thoughts on “What is the work of copywriting?”

  1. There are many types of copywriting. The requirements for film and television copywriting and plane are different, and there are some gaps between real estate copywriting and brand .. Some require that the text skills are good, but it is not necessarily all. It mainly depends on your creative thinking .. . There is a book. Some of the Dragon Media Bookstores are all our compulsory textbooks .. u003CCopy Copy Communication Secrets> and u003CAdvertising Copywriting> You can see it. study.

  2. The average salary of the industry is not high

    It recommended you to go to the bookstore to buy the following books to read
    u003Cadvertising copywriting>
    u003Cadvertising creativity and writing>
    u003Cadvertising Creative Decoding>

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