Novice South 丨 Who is suitable for a copy of the copy? How is the treatment? What is the work content?

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  1. In the past two days, I received a lot of friends from the background. I asked me if I was suitable for a copy of a copy, and asked me what I was doing every day. My salary was. I will answer these questions one by one. If you want to get started, it is recommended to like follow.

    1. Work content

    First of all, let me see the work content of some corporate recruitment copy

    Summary of words: Write!

    It the work content of most of the copywriting positions on the market is undoubtedly the writing of public accounts, documents of friends circle, new media platform copywriting output, and publicity posters.

    The new media platforms that are exposed to each enterprise are different according to the requirements of each enterprise. There is a book, knowing a certain, a certain blog, a video number, a sound, and so on.

    In the content of my daily work:

    1. Written by the public account, solar terms, festivals, and corporate activities.

    . The video number is operated. This is not necessary every day. Sometimes it is directly edited directly.

    3. Copywriting of friends, this is the most written every day. I will output 8 different circle of friends a day. Customer service sent to friends and communities, and let the stores and agents forward.

    4. Make posters and materials. The previous one said that the copywriting of the community and the circle of friends, then the picture must be kept up. Cooperate with copywriting poster pictures. Materials are collected everywhere, that is, the customer feedback is used.

    The work content of each enterprise’s copywriting post is different, but they are all inseparable.

    In see this, do you think it is simple? Are there any interest in the industry?

    It next talk about the requirements of the post.

    2, office requirements

    First of all, let me see the conditions of recruitment copywriting on the market.

    The better corporate requirement of copywriting is all college and above. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience. Now the company is happy to spend time and energy to cultivate fresh graduates.

    Basic skills: have copywriting skills, writing ability, capture current affairs hotspot summary ability

    bonus skills: proficient in other new media platforms such as public account Video production

    If the division of labor in the large company, you only ask you to write it. If you go to a small company with fewer people, you have to have more positions in one position.

    The emphasis here, copywriting is not easy! In addition to copying the modification cover, it is also very booked. So require a certain ability to resist! It doesn’t matter if you can’t write it wrong. An error cannot be committed often, otherwise scolding is a very common thing, you can’t glass!

    3. Salary

    In half a year of employment, my work hours are normal for the eighty -night weekends, and occasionally work overtime, no overtime pay. There are five risks and no gold. And I am a small company, less than 20 artificially.

    In first to see my salary last month.

    The salary composition is: basic salary team commission. So I will also do more. In addition to writing and changing, I also need to shoot material videos, editing, etc. How much salary can novice Xiaobai get? There are very few letters of text positions. Unless your company is given you, otherwise it is a fixed salary every month. I summarized the salary of zero experience copy on the boss. n The first-tier cities (north, Shanghai and Guangzhou) 6-8k

    The second-tier cities (Xiamen in Xiamen) Copywriting paid 4-6k

    third-tier cities 3-5k

    This salary is only limited to zero experience. If it is a senior copy of the copywriting, the copy of the copywriting, the salary is several times the rise several times.

    provided that it contains five insurances and one gold. On weekends, we can get the corresponding salary in these cities.

    If it is a large company’s salary internship, the salary may be 2-3k, but there are more things you can learn. You can learn slowly and accumulate slowly. The salary will rise.

    Ittae, such as year -end prize, 13 salary, etc., are all the company’s welfare system.

    In the last summary: The copy of the copy is that as long as you have read a book, you can take office. The company generally has training, which will not let you write as soon as you go to work. However, the premise is that you love text and can persist. If you are not interested in the text, you can’t write, then don’t enter the pit! Intersection Otherwise, it is very tortured to your own spirit.

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