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  1. In the interview of real estate sales, there are many different methods and skills, and there are also many precautions. The following is the real estate interview skills and precautions I brought to you. Welcome to read.
    The real estate interview skills summarize real estate interview skills 1: How to answer questions
    (1) Grasp the key points, simple and clear, clear, reasonable and well -founded. Generally, the question to answer the question should be concluded first. After the discussion is, first express your central meaning clearly, and then narrate and demonstrate. Otherwise, the long statement will make people unswerving. The interview time is limited. If there are too many extra words, it is easy to go to the question, but the theme will be diluted or missed. This point is particularly noticed when interviewing self -introduction.
    (2) Speaking of the original committee to avoid abstraction. The employer always wants to know the specific situation of some candidates. For the different problems, some need to explain the reason, and some need to explain. Without talking about the original committee, too abstract answers often do not leave a specific impression on the subject.
    (3) Confirm the content of the question, avoid answering. During the interview, if the problem raised by the employer, I couldn’t get the border for a while, so that when I did not know where to answer or it was difficult to understand the other party’s question, I could repeat the question and talk about my understanding of this issue first. The other party confirms the content. If you are not very clear, you must make it clear so that you will be targeted, and you will not answer.
    (4) There are personal opinions and personal characteristics. The employer sometimes receives a number of candidates, and the same questions are asked for several times, and similar answers must be listened to several times. Therefore, employers will feel tedious and boring. Only with unique personal opinions and personal characteristics can attract the interests and attention of the other party.
    (5) Knowing it is known, I do not know. When the interview encounters a problem that you do n’t know, do n’t understand, and you ca n’t, you can avoid flashing, silently, for far -fetched, you do n’t know how to pretend to be well -pretending. The trust and goodwill of the person.
    Real estate interview skills 2: How to eliminate tension
    I due to the success of the interview or not, so college students are often prone to tension during interviews. Some college students may fail due to excessive tension. Therefore, we must try to eliminate excessive tension. Here are several techniques to eliminate excessive tensions for students for reference.
    (1) You can read a relaxed and lively and interesting magazine book before the interview. At this time, reading books can transfer attention, adjust emotions, and overcome the timid psychology of the interview. Avoid tension and anxiety when waiting.
    (2) Pay attention to the rhythm of the conversation during the interview. After entering the trial site, if you feel nervous, don’t rush to speak first, but you should concentrate on listening to the question, and then answer calmly. Generally speaking, when people are nervous, speaking speed will be unconsciously accelerated, and the speed of speech is too fast. It is not conducive to the other party to hear the content of the speech, but also gives people a sense of panic. The speed of speaking is too fast, and it is often easy to make mistakes, and even open your mouth tongue, thereby strengthening your tension and leading to confusion in thinking. Of course, the speed of speech is too slow, lacks passion, and the atmosphere is dull, which will also make life annoying. In order to avoid this, you can generally slow down the speed of speech when you start talking, and increase your tone and speed when you enter the state. In this way, you can stabilize your tension and reverse the dull atmosphere of the interview.
    (3) When answering the question, the eyes can be aimed at the forehead of the questioner. Some people do not know where to look at the question when answering the question. Experience proves that people who do not keep their souls and uncertain eyes make people feel dishonest; those who droop their eyes give people a kind of lack of confidence; staring at the questioner with both eyes will be misunderstood as challenging him, giving people a puppet Unknown feeling. If you focus on the other’s forehead during the interview, you can not only give the other person a sincere and confident impression, but also uphold your courage to eliminate your nervousness.
    Real estate interview techniques 3: How to use language
    The language expression art on the interview venue marks your maturity and comprehensive literacy. For job -seekers, mastering the skills of language expression is undoubtedly important. So, how should I use the skills of conversation properly in the interview?
    (1) The teeth are clear, fluent in language, and elegant. When talking, pay attention to the pronunciation accurate and the word is clear. Pay attention to the speed of control to avoid stumbling and affect the smoothness of the language. Do not use mantra, let alone uncivilized language.
    (2) The tone is peaceful, the tone is appropriate, and the volume is moderate. Pay attention to the correct use of language, tone, and tone during the interview. When saying hello, you should use the last language to increase the tone and bring a mop to attract the attention of the other party. When you introduce yourself, it is best to use a gentle statement, and it is not appropriate to use a sighing tone or prayer sentence. The sound is too annoying, and it is difficult to hear the sound. The principle is based on your speech.
    (3) Pay attention to the response of the listener. Job interviews are different from the speech, but closer to ordinary conversations. During the conversation, pay attention to the listener’s reaction at any time. For example, the listener’s heart is absent -minded, which may indicate that he is not interested in his words, and you have to try to transfer the topic; listening to the ears may indicate that it is difficult for the other party to hear the other party because his volume is too small; At the point. According to these reactions of the other party, you must adjust your language, tone, tone, volume, rhetoric, and the content of the statement in a timely manner. Civil servant interview questions can achieve good interview results.
    Real estate interview skills 4: How to use gestures
    In fact, in daily communication, people are consciously using gestures to help them express their willingness. So, how to use gestures correctly in the interview?
    The gesture of attention: In conversation with others, you must pay attention to the other party’s conversation, and you must show that you are listening to it. The other party can listen to your conversation happily and concentrate on your own attention and understanding, and have a good opinion of you. This is especially true during the interview. The gesture of real estate interview skills and precautions generally represents: put hands in front of your mouth, or put your fingers under your ears; or cross your hands and lean your body forward.
    Perexiability of real estate interviews first, try to collect the information of the company you want to interview,
    , understand your job responsibilities, and the requirements of the post (to ensure that you can be qualified). Do you think you can do it yourself! Summarize your own skills, as well as experience, education, etc.!
    four, understand the basic questions of the interview, the examiner wants to get three questions from you: Can you do this job, are you willing to do this job? What about you compared with other job seekers? (Of course, the examiner interviewed with the answer to ask questions. As long as you answered his heart, followed The answer he wants is almost the same, you will succeed)
    . If it is a boy, first cut your hair and cut your nails short! Take a break one night in advance to make people feel full of spirit, shirt, shirt, shirt, West pants, tie no need to play, leather shoes! Prepare a complete resume! All preparations are done! Then it depends on your language performance, I wish you success!
    , when the girl interviews, the hair is the most. It’s easy to tie up, wear professional clothes to interview. You are going to interview instead of performing, so you can get a light dress. The overall is simple and generous, of course, you need to be full of energy!
    Question 1. Understand Vanke:
    Vanke is the leading enterprise in the real estate industry. The company positions urban supporting service providers, insists on building a house for ordinary people, covered with people, and insists on simultaneously developing with cities, synchronizing with customers, synchronization with customers Two main lines of development. There are many directions in it. The most distinctive one is Vanke Property and Vanke Online Home. As far as I personally experience, real estate with Vanke property will be more popular than other properties. Vanke’s three good “good houses, good services, good communities” are indeed deputy, and they have a good reputation in the hearts of ordinary people. Vanke’s concept of “equal internal, open to the outside world, and transparent sunshine” has allowed Vanke’s enterprises to grow healthily and benign. It will not be backward. In 2017, Shenzhen Metro Group became the company’s cornerstone shareholders to jointly promote the implementation of the “track property” development strategy, comprehensively enhance urban supporting service capabilities, and promote urban economic development.
    2. Why choose Vanke,
    ‘s core values ​​of Vanke are: A customer is Vanke’s eternal partner, B talent is Vanke’s capital, C “sunshine -lighting system, D continued to grow and lead. I agree with Vanke’s core values, because it is very consistent with my own three views A, just like a sentence often said in sales, “Customers are God”, and attach importance to customers and customers to be able to stand. b, the mall is the battlefield, and there are inevitable wars in the battlefield, and the decisive factor of the war is always human; C cockroach and mice like to like dark and humid places. The internal corruption and deception behavior, thereby achieving a stable and strong growth. In Mencius’s words, it is “no support for me.” With the growth of Vanke to make such a goal in order to ensure that he maintains his leading position in increasingly severe competition.
    . Who is the most hated person? How do you get along with him ?
    The people who are not the most annoying, only the most annoying type of person: I do n’t want to go on, and it also affects everyone. When I used to be a monitor, when I saw this kind of person, I first communicated with him and Yan Yuecai. Or in private interviews, if you do n’t work, you will tear your face. For the interests of the class, you will not hesitate to destroy his private relationship with him. In general, as a manager, the way of dealing with such a person is to “understand it, it is reasonable, and it is reasonable,” Action with affection, seduction of benefits, threatening to disaster “; when you are not a monitor, you see such people, but more are solved by a half -joking way between boys. Below, if all kinds of communication is still not effective, you can only stay away.
    4. Sorry for others and others. Old teachers, because that class is difficult or important. Everyone does not listen to the lecture. The old teacher is bitterly on the podium, and he did not listen carefully. I don’t think I am sorry for me.
    5. How can I get it again in the university?
    If you come back again, first understand your goals at the time of admission, and then Formulate the plan so that it will not waste too much time because of blindness, and if the university can come again, I want to arrange all my free time in the library. Are there any clear goals for planning?
    . Graduation, 2. Entering real estate work, three, learning English well to reach the level of free communication.
    7. The most successful one of the most successful one (Please briefly describe the thing you feel most fulfilled during college. What difficulties do you encounter and how do you solve these difficulties? What are you most satisfied with your performance)
    The most successful thing is when I am the head of English corner, the first time I realized it. The English corner is the true cooperation between the student society and the teacher’s teaching and research group and other schools. I encountered some difficulties during the combination of English teaching and research. The cooperation project was to allow teachers in the English group to help students correct the four -six -level simulation test papers. The content cannot be given to the truth, so I thought of asking the teacher to help modify it, but the test papers of so many students are also a huge workload. Just ask a few more teachers, but the teachers who have not taught our class ignore it at all; the teachers I know are appointed those two classes, and people who do n’t know ignore you at all. What should I do? I thought, “Don’t suffer from unevenness. Simply, teachers, you must not be troublesome, you have to participate in this matter!” Later The significance of the simulation test and the perspective of improving the English level of our college persuaded the team leader of the teaching and research team. Later, the team leader ordered that all teachers participated in the approval. The task issued 2. Because the call of the team leader, individual reluctant teachers have nothing to say 3. All teachers participate, and the workload of each teacher on average is not much. Afterwards, my classmates who led the English -speaking corner purchased a lot of fruits for the teachers of the English Teaching and Research Team as the reward, which led to the first cooperation between the English corner and the English teaching and research group of our college.
    8. What is the most stressful thing during your college? (The biggest challenge example?)
    The most stressful time during college is the college organizing square dance competition. At that time, I was the director of the Student Union Office, This incident was originally responsible for the Ministry of Arts and Art, but at that time, the Minister of the Ministry of Arts and Arts was not in school, and no one organized me to dance in the square. At that time, my own business was very busy. In addition, the office department also helped the teacher to coordinate a lot of things. It was really a bit busy, but if I did n’t come up, I was facing abstain from the department. Large, I finally successfully organized my department to complete the game.
    9. What are the biggest setbacks? (For example, how can the biggest dilemma you encounter and how to overcome it?)
    In the process of founding the counseling class for the second time, when all resources are ready, However, I encountered the problem of enrollment. No matter how they issued leaflets or discounts, they could not recruit enough students. I will lose money in this way, so I find several good parents of the existing students to give her the biggest discounts and the best services. Please ask her to do it. It is no longer a propaganda, but a reputation. As the so -called gold cup and silver cup are not as good as customers. Under the word of mouth of several parents, they not only recruited sufficient students, but also saved a lot of publicity expenses.
    10. Have you worked with people who hate it?
    It use collective interests to support big minds and patterns. You must not be emotionally used to avoid contradictions. the power of.
    11. Where does your teacher or elder think you need to improve? (What is your biggest disadvantage?)
    This teacher once made a suggestion to me, saying that my question is too obedient This question is what I didn’t realize before, maybe this is where I need to improve.
    12. For example, how do you develop a plan and improve some aspects of skills?
    This problem, let me raise my social ability under my plan. I was a particularly shy person before college, and my speech would be shy. I realized that this is absolutely not conducive to the development of a boy, so I decided to change. In the first step, I decided to communicate more with the people around me and greeted them actively; the second step, I took the initiative to meet but often meet but do not know. After the first two steps were implemented, I decided to try to sell. Marketing activities. After these exercises, I started to become lively and proactive, so I decided to try the role of the leader, so I actively participated in the community and the student union. I also mentioned it just now that the result is not bad. The current social ability is not good, at least from particularly bad to normal levels.
    13. For example, how do you complete a certain task when you lack a certain resource?
    The example of trying to start a business for the first time. During the three -month long holiday after the college entrance examination, I planned to establish a counseling class in my hometown town. However, the classrooms, tables and chairs, lecturers, and students did not have. Later, through the help of many parties, they asked the teacher to rent the classroom, but the tables and chairs did not borrow it, so they rented a few sets of home round tables. In the end, it was successfully handled into a counseling class. If a task lacks a certain resource, first consider whether you can meet the requirements in various ways, it really does not work, and consider whether there is any replacement of such resources.
    14. How do you participate in the organization and planning a certain activity?
    1. Call the relevant personnel to meet
    2. Discuss the required items and resources
    3 arrangement of the process and order of the activity, Allocate the task
    4. I think of all possible conditions that may be unexpected, and make preparations
    5, and the task is specific to everyone when performing the activity.
    15. Your university impressions are the most impressed?
    Is participated in military training in the freshman year. I think it is neither the best relationship with the coach nor the best military training, but it has obtained military training pacesetters.
    16. Have you taken the initiative to take the initiative to work and responsibility?
    As mentioned above, the square dance in the organization is the case.
    17. For example, the two people around you have a conflict. Why, the two people’s ideas at that time?
    During the senior year, the next door was powered out, and the classm student used the wiring board to receive a one from our dormitory near the door. Student A’s power supply. After the classmates of our dormitory A came back, they saw that their power supply was used by others and pulled it out. However, the classm student by who borrowed electricity on the opposite bedroom was playing the game. When it was hot, the two came over. Classmates may think that if I use my electricity without my permission, I have reason to refuse; B may be because the game is suddenly interrupted and feels that I have not received respect. In fact, the root cause of the conflict between the two people is that they do not consider the feelings of others.
    18. The recent gathering, form content, the role you play
    The recent gathering is the internal party of the members of the dormitory. In order to enhance the feelings of the dormitory, I organized everyone to go to a nearby shop to string a string Essence I play the organizer.
    19. What is your biggest regret during college? What causes this regret?
    The biggest regret is too little reading, because the concept of time is not strong enough, and there is no time for reading planning. It has caused a lot of time to be wasted in vain.
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