I just do the loan business, I do n’t know how to carry out work, how to find the source of customers quickly?

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  1. Xiamen Diaotian Investment has compiled the following exhibition methods for you, everyone learns and communicate.

    . Network method
    1. Network promotion, do homepage and platform posts (Sina Weibo, Space, Friendship Circle)
    2. Information promotion of online platforms such as local information Release
    3. Find customers who need need on the same type of website
    4. Group sending email promotion
    5. Promoting publicity in various industry groups such as various industries
    6. Online fellow villagers Groups and fellows gathering, stock funds group
    7. Search for friends nearby, Momo, WeChat, send information promotion
    8. Followed post: Make your own personality signature (borrowing financing)
    two two , Advertising
    1. Advertising in the community promotional column, pull banners in the conspicuous position in the community
    2. Place of large -flowing places plugged in
    3. Newspaper and other media advertising promotion (pay attention to quality)
    4. Negotiation with the newspaper advertisers (newspaper clip page)
    5. Put Yilabao in front of the supermarket
    . Put the promotional single page when taking a taxi
    7. Putting publicity and communication with the shop owner, sending publicity
    8. Car body advertising
    9. Let relatives and friends help spread publicity in their communication circle
    10. Friends gathering dinner business cards, the industry, industry, industry, industry, industry Symposium promotion
    11. In restaurants, hotels, place business cards
    12. Stalling inkjet ads in the unit building
    13. SMS group sending
    14. Make public welfare advertisements in public toilets in public toilets
    15. Lottery stations can do small advertisements
    16. Make some warning signs in public places
    17. Use various resources for advertising, such as small supermarkets and small sale bosses.
    18. Some leisure places do some billboards

    . Traffic circulation expansion
    1. Return to maintain old customers
    2. Playing a good relationship with bank staff
    3. Introduction of customer friends
    . Friends who are looking for business introduce customers
    5. Introduction to the resources of insurance staff securities staff
    . Wait)
    7. Let customers provide the address book of their company
    8. If you are familiar with the personnel in the wealth management company, you can share the resource sharing n 10. Financial communication and publicity with various companies
    . Telephone sales
    The golden time period 10: 00-11: 30; 15:00 pm: 00-17: 30
    . Friends look for customers’ contact information for telemarketing
    2. Finding contact information of the boss on the local online sales platform for telemarketing (various agents in the circle of friends)
    3. You can do some from high -end community properties List of Owners
    4. Member names of the gym Single
    5. The call on the recruitment advertisement can be used as a telemarket list
    6. The list of high -quality personnel of education and training institutions
    7. Find a customer list of decoration cities
    8. Securities, funds, insurance, and investment companies list

    . Mo Bai
    1. Make more self -recommendation, the excavation of existing resources
    2. In newspapers, etc. Find information on the media to visit the merchant for visit
    3. High -end community property and real estate agencies look for the contact information of the house property owner for Mo Bai to promote
    . Require yourself to talk to strangers every day
    5. Sweep the wholesale market; sweep the industrial park; sweep the shop (when looking for the other party, such as rainy days)
    6. Sweep the processing plant in the town; Publicity
    8. Company wine club and various banquet publicity display
    6. Listing forms
    1. At noon to the office building for promotional distribution
    2. Morning and evening bus station, bus station, Metro Station
    3. Go to the gate of the hospital
    . At the entrance of the factories of the state -owned unit
    5. Go to the bank, securities center, investment company
    . used car market
    7 7 . Administration of Industry and Commerce’s approval service hall
    8. Auto Show and other types of exhibition centers
    9. Newly opened real estate community pull banners
    10. Airport bus, cafes, large hotels, department stores, come on, come on stand

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