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There are a few people who buy a second -hand copy machine – europuppyblog

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  1. Buying a second -hand copy should pay attention to the following points:
    The first step is to listen.
    It listening to the noise when the copier is booting. If the sound is high, it means that the internal gear is severely worn and it can be eliminated. In addition, you must pay attention to whether there are abnormal noises during the paper process, whether the sound is louder or small. If there is abnormal noise and the sound is relatively large, then this machine must also be scrapped;
    The second step to check the internal organs.
    Is open the machine to see the interior, see if the mechanical parts are severely worn, the drum component is an accessory that directly affects the photocopy effect. Take the light drum from the copy machine. Take a closer look at the obvious scars. If the scars are more and messy, Then it means that the drum component can not be used for a long time. In addition, it is necessary to focus on whether the heating roller is smooth and complete, there are not many impurities on the top, and more can also be eliminated.
    Stial 3 copy test.
    The copies of more than 20 pieces of paper, white paper and black paper must be copied. See if there is any bad point, and see if the copying effect is not very different from the original manuscript, the difference can not be purchased. Let’s also see if 20 pieces of paper will appear in a continuous copy. Whether the paper is smooth is smooth, and the cardboard caused by the double sheet is normal.
    The check whether each function keys are available, concentration, zoom ratio, from low speed to high speed, etc. Each gear must be tried, especially the ink depth button, because its utilization rate is the highest, it must be repeated. For a concentration test, it can measure whether the drum component is complete. The specific method is to make the machine powder concentration the deepest, and then refine one air to see if there is a thin line -like vertical line. If there is, the drum has been damaged.
    The fourth step should not be too focused on the appearance and counter.
    The technology has developed to the present. The second -hand copier renovation and counter modification count are generally mastered by dealers. The appearance and copy volume are just a reference indicator with a small effect. Therefore, when buying a second -hand copy machine is not too much, because after the old machine has been put for a long time, the machine with a small number of copies will also change color. It is important to look at the internal integrity and performance. There are currently two types of copies, one is electronic computing, and the other is mechanical. If you want to change the electronic computing, you can only clear the zero, and the mechanical counter can be changed, but there are not many people who understand, and they need some professional knowledge.

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