Shanxi is called the “pasta kingdom”. What are the recommendations of Taiyuan cuisine? Which store is recommended?

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  1. The most local commercial street in Taiyuan is concentrated in Yingze District, which is the old city center that locals often say, and the fireworks are strong. 90%of the old -fashioned enterprises in Taiyuan City are in Yingze District, and most of the old -fashioned samples in Yingze District gathered in Liuxiang Business District.
    Liuxiang business district contains the more famous Causeway Bay and Food Street, which are connected to each other, collectively referred to as Liuxiang Business District. The most important thing is that it is delicious.
    Liu Xiang -Causeway Bay first, Causeway Bay, is a commercial shopping center in Liuxiang.
    It is very lively, and there is a kind of intimacy of the streets. During the day, come and go, some people drink coffee in the mall, and some people scrape the lottery tickets at the intersection outside the intersection.
    In at 5 or 6 in the evening, the night market on the square will support the edge, and various stalls are very fast and orderly. It is also called Liuxiang Night Market, the oldest night market in Taiyuan. It is said that it is still the largest night market in North China, with a single -day traffic of 200,000 times.
    The night markets in developed cities than in developed cities are the real night market. The crowded crowd is not at all to look at the flowers and flowers, but it is really consumption, and rarely see empty -handed.

    In addition to eating in this night market, you can also buy two small products to make a nail or buy a bunch of flowers. If you eat it, you can eat it with a per capita 20 yuan.
    although the selling things is similar to the night market in other cities, the unique bowl of bowls in Shanxi cannot be eaten elsewhere. If you have not tried it, you must try it. Other snacks are also good. For example, the stinky tofu praised by my friend and the northern flavor that I like very much is randomly bought without stepping on the thunder.
    The side of Causeway Bay, there is a brain shop. The guests make up for the special tonight and drink yellow wine in the morning. It can be said to be the most local and hard -core Taiyuan breakfast. It is recommended that everyone experience it.

    The shop recommendation: Qingheyuan (Causeway Bay shop)
    The go to this house is mainly to eat his mind. It is a traditional snack in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. It was called Bazhen Tang earlier. It is said that it has a history of more than 300 years and belongs to a kind of nourishing food in Jincai.
    The head is similar to soup, but it is relatively sticky. The main ingredients are fat mutton, coriander, yam, etc., add rice wine, lees, astragalus, and noodles (fried flour). fragrance.
    Perhaps some people have noticed that there are also “rushing the bowl” in “Water Margin”. It is because the Taiyuan people got up to eat their minds before the sky was not bright.
    Qinghe Yuan is the local brand, and its mind is the most authentic. The door is not small, so I can find it.

    In the locals, it is best to eat in the morning in the morning, because there are more people at that time, because they are delicious enough. After all, it is good for qi to adjust the element and promote blood circulation and healthy stomach. After eating the heat, the whole body is refreshing.
    The standard mind is 25 yuan a bowl, which is a bit expensive, but the material is real, the yam is very large, and the mutton is also large.
    It with the marinated old leek, lamb roasted wheat and hat box (a hollow face point), is the most authentic Taiyuan eating.
    Ip, be sure to pour a plate of old vinegar, and the lamb in the head is dipped in vinegar to eat, and the aftertaste is endless.
    But for foreigners, if you eat your mind, you may have a lifetime or an extreme experience of only this time. As far as I do n’t love to eat lamb and large -scale food, I do n’t accept it. But drinking it in one sip, it really feels the feeling of nourishing qi, and the sweat rushed out. The lamb is really soft and rotten, and the good entrance is a bit heavy.

    Liu Xiang -Food Street and Causeway Bay’s affordable atmosphere is slightly different. Food Street is a key nightlife gathering area created by Yingze District. Most, compare with Internet celebrities. In appearance, the Food Street has added some modern fashion elements on the basis of retaining the Ming and Qing style. It is also integrated, drinking, drinking, and fun, suitable for shopping.
    If food streets are one of the most lively food streets in Taiyuan before. There are many special -character names. Even if it is not a special snack in Shanxi, it has passed for more than ten or twenty years of food shops. ,Worth a try.
    of course, if we travel, the most worth eating is local food.

    Phrnchida enema
    Then the name of the enema, everyone may have terrible imagination, but this enema is not an enema, first put the food picture to clear the error Lenovo.
    Spermanerous enema today refers to buckwheat enema. Earlier enema refers to the pork blood or pork chopped into the pig’s large intestine or small intestine, and then went to buckwheat noodles with blood into the intestine. Steamed. Generally speaking, a wealthy dish is simplified into the current enema because it is more poor and only enlightened (previously Jin Di).
    The Yang Ji Enenetic is a well -known shop on food streets. Even if the food street has changed a lot with many transformations, this family is still overcrowded every day. The price has changed from the original two dollars to one now, which indirectly shows the economic development of Taiyuan.
    The facade is not big, and if there are many people, you may need to line up.
    The buckwheat noodle enema has a layer of marinated, similar to the tofu brain, and it is equipped with his homemade chili oil (you can not eat spicy can not be put). You can eat it. The taste Q bombs, there will be no difficulty swallowing when eating coarse food. The peppers are also delicious. After you can feel the kind of fried pepper, it is rich in the richness of a variety of spices.
    the other things in his house are also good. Yellow noodles, white noodles, noodles, and jelly can be tasted. The portion is not large, and the price is a few dollars. If a few people are together, it can be a few more.

    Im remind everyone, you must go in line first to open the ticket and queue to pick up meals! His ticket is still very retro, and he feels like a canteen ticket.

    Except for this one, 2 yuan a marijuana Hongxiang honey marijuana, the highly praised Qu Lihong and hemp sauce skewers, the old -fashioned Quanwa family’s noodles, Taiyuan people from snacks to big God Fried chicken, a string of righteous wells with a string of dollars and a string of righteous wells are also worth eating!
    If to go home with soil specialties, you can go to Ninghuafu Yiyuan Yiyuan in Causeway Bay to celebrate the vinegar industry, hit 3.9 yuan a pound of fresh scattered vinegar, taste strong, and eat dumplings and noodles. You can also experience the fun of lining up with a small pot!

    The old military camp Old barracks are abbreviated. The full name is the old military camp community. The reason why it is called “Old Barracks” is simply the place where the soldiers were guarded in the past. The development of a community in 1982 was the largest community in Taiyuan at that time.
    The people are naturally prosperous. For a long time, it is one of the most fireworks in Taiyuan and the snack paradise of locals. Even if Taiyuan has built an outer ring expressway, the old military camp of the Nangong Ring Ring has gradually become an old community, and it is constantly being rebuilt. Many old people still run there.
    The food of the old barracks is mainly snacks. Some shops have eaten it for thirty years, and they feel that they have no taste. Friends from other places still recommend that shop.

    The first seeing Xinjiang fried rice noodles
    . I like to eat Xinjiang fried rice noodles. I haven’t been to Xinjiang yet. The best in the store. The rice noodles are smooth and elastic, and peppers are also spicy and delicious. In addition to not being particularly spicy, it is recommended to eat spicy, and it will be relatively easy to eat. With a cup of ice sour soup, it is best to decompress summer in summer!
    The spicy and above in his home is to add money. I also see such a price increase rules for the first time. Pay attention when ordering.

    The old lady’s helmet
    This is also particularly hot. When you go, there are many people. His pot helmet is a bit amazing, and it is different from what I usually eat. It feels a bit meaty. Cut the grilled pot helmet, and then make the internal trap, including jelly, three silk, beef, pork ears, etc., and then clamp the inner trap into the pot helmet.
    It recommended pork ears, the grilled cakes are crispy, cold pork ears are also crispy, and the taste is amazing.

    This is a well -known ice shop in Taiyuan. The roommate said that he has opened several branches now. It is very suitable for a bowl after noon or evening dinner. The portion is very large, and the materials are relatively sufficient. It is recommended that you eat red soy milk. For a long time, red beans and peanuts are full of crushed peanuts. The sand ice is soft and accompanied by milk fragrance.
    Im reminds everyone to distinguish the milk tyrants and milk ice. The milk tyrants are pure milk cotton ice.
    although there will be a lot of people in places such as Liuxiang and Laojunying, but there will be no more than people, which makes people think about it. Instead, there is an atmosphere that is justified on holidays. There are many people who travel during the current holidays, and you may wish to consider Taiyuan, which is completely unable to take advantage of the tourist city.

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