1 thought on “How to write a good copy, how to write good copywriting”

  1. 1. Determine the precise user of the brand and products

    that is to say who to see the copywriting. If you use professional vocabulary to be user portraits, mature brands will definitely have user portraits. If not, as a Niubi copy, the user needs to analyze the social attributes, living habits, and scene consumption behavior. The results of labeling can be obtained. You can study the theory of Maslow’s demand. If you explain from the perspective of chasing girls, this is who you see. Who to chase? Lock the goal and investigate what characteristics she has, and then vote for it.

    2. Constructing the scene and bringing users into the scene

    It the people who need to communicate with the copywriting of the copywriting, build a scene of the lifestyle of the products and communication crowds. When the brand power and product power are strong enough, the scene will be built quickly when writing a document. But when branding and product power are not enough, the scene is difficult to form quickly in the brain. In this way, you can find the combination of scenes from the lifestyle of the user. If you can combine other scenes with your product scene, then you already have creative thinking.

    3. Incutinated pain points

    The human nature that failed to get satisfaction in the scene is the pain point. Think from the five dimensions of product performance, image, reliability, easy, and price. At the same time, we must find the corresponding human nature and analyze competing from these five dimensions, and provide more targeted solutions.

    4. Emotional resonance

    In found resonance on the pain point in a common experience scene, and made a statement or provided a solution for the pain point. The core is to change the specific things. Emotions that users can feel.

    In the chasing girl as an example. When you are chatting, if you are not good at chatting, then ask the girl’s hobbies to guide her to tell what is unhappy recently, and then passively perform passive Just answer.

    . The girl said that I like poetry and far away. I like it too coincidentally. The girl said that I like Xi Murong’s poems. I want to go to Dali to play, but I do n’t have any money. I do n’t think I want to go. You take me and I bring money.

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