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  1. Fang Xieshi is the most important rock -making ore in the crust. English name; Calcite, belonging to rocky, carbonate minerals, chemical composition: CACO3, three -party crystal system, three groups of completely explained and completely explained, fractured; glass luster. Completely transparent to transparent, ordinary white or colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless, colorless or colorless, Because it contains its metal color, it shows light red, yellow, light tea, light tea, rose red, purple, a variety of colors, white marks, hardness 2.704-3.0, the proportion of 2.6 to 2.8, and the severe bubbles are foamy when you encounter dilute hydrochloric acid. The very pure and completely transparent crystal is commonly known as Iceland SPAR. It has a strong dual -refractive function and the maximum polarized light function. rn重钙细粉用于人造石、人造地砖、天然橡胶、合成橡胶、涂料、塑料、复合新型钙塑料、电缆、造纸、 方解石牙膏、化妆品、玻璃、医药、油漆、油墨、电缆、 Electricity insulation, food, textile, feed, adhesive, sealing agent, asphalt, building materials, linoleum building supplies, fire ceiling and daily chemicals are used as filled feasts. It can not only reduce the cost of product costs in various industries, but also improve the role and performance of related products, and to increase the volume of the product. It is one of the most widely used inorganic filling mother materials. Adding heavy calcium ultra -fine powder to the cable can increase the insulation strength of 5-10 times the cable; if the chassis coatings made of calcium carbonate ultra -fine powder with more than 10,000 eyes can make the chassis of the car is stronger than the steel plate. Ability; in the catalytic cracking of oil, molecular screening, detergent, purification agent, product modification, metal smelting, chemical synthesis, aerospace, high temperature superconducting, mechanical manufacturing, etc., especially high -tech fields, etc., it has extremely widely used applications. Ultra -fine calcium powder can be used as basic materials for these industrial departments, so the demand is particularly large. Therefore, heavy calcium fine powder has become the upstream and original materials for most industrial manufacturing, which includes almost all the production and manufacturing departments of all the weight industries. In the fields of papermaking, plastic, rubber, cables, paint, and coatings, a considerable part of it still uses lightweight calcium carbonate powder. Light calcium powder is widely used for rubber, plastic, PVC pipes, profiles, coatings, paper, paint, sealing, daily necessities, medicine, feed as filler and reinforcement agent. It can not only increase volume, reduce costs, and more importantly, it can improve the processing performance of matrix, but also supplement, resistance, abrasion, tear resistance, and gloss. So calcium carbonate is not a general filler, but a functional filler. Lightweight carbonate has high whiteness and good liquidity. It is PVC pipe and the largest filling of the profile. It has achieved obvious effects on the product increased volume, stability, heat resistance, flat, gloss The purpose of product improvement of products. Due to the complex production process of light calcium powder, high prices, and the production of light calcium powder pollution to the environment, today’s commercial development trend is to replace light calcium powder with heavy calcium powder as much as possible. Bingzhou Stone is often used in polarizing prism because it has a double refraction. If it is cut into columnar in a certain way, it can be used as a microscope prism to detect the opticality of minerals. Or cracks, without dual crystals or distorted, 0.5 -inch (12.5mm) cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic meters. Generally, Fangli Stone is used for industrial raw materials such as chemical industry, cement. Fang Jieshi is used as a fuse in the metallurgical industry, and it is used to produce cement and lime in the construction industry. For plastic, papermaking, toothpaste.

  2. The content of Fang Jieshi in nature is still very high. This substance mainly exists in limestone. The application of Fang Zhishi is widely used, so it is necessary to make a lot of mining for this substance for use. There are many places for Fang Xunshi. Among them, China is also one of the representative origin.
    The square stones are very useful in terms of industry and people’s daily life. In terms of industry, Fang Xieshi is an important raw material in chemical industry and making cement and other industries. In addition, Fang Xieshi is also an important melt, which is also essential in smelting metal. In addition, the use of fangs in daily life can be often seen, and glass lampshades are one.

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