4 thoughts on “Why can Jiang Xiaobai become a stirring in the liquor market?”

  1. Jiang Xiaobai’s brand was founded by Tao Shiquan in 2012. It is a young and competitive brand. It can get a share in the traditional liquor market with a very competitive traditional liquor. Its unique brand charm is.
    The Tao Shiquan positioned Jiang Xiaobai as “the youthful little wine brand of the new youth group” in the beginning. It has the characteristics of “rebellion”, which coincides with most young people who are eager to rebellion and emotion.
    “I drank all people down to say a whispering with you” and so on, and so on, the emotional copy made Jiang Xiaobai have a well -known among the young people, and it happened that it was born in the age of its birth. It is another era of Internet information that has grown on topics and traffic explosive growth. The unique copywriting design and the growth of the brand will make Jiang Xiaobai a tide of the liquor market at that time.
    but returning to the actual level, Jiang Xiaobai seems to be as successful as we imagined. His performance has not been high. It is believed that its market share is not prominent. The bad product experience is related. The product cannot keep up with the reputation is Jiang Xiaobai’s biggest pain point.
    It is not difficult to see that Jiang Xiaobai’s marketing model looks very successful, but the actual conversion rate is not ideal. The reason is that it is difficult to catch users by the product. The experience of most users is to buy feelings rather than products.
    It the growth model of Jiang Xiaobai is similar to the Internet celebrities in the current Internet era. After attracting attention with the topic, it attracts the attention of the masses, but whether it can retain the audience needs the real ability. If you have no ability, you will be forgotten soon, and your ability will be more and more recognized.
    The feelings for sale can make a brand sweeping, but it will not let a brand Liufangbaichi. Jiang Xiaobai has gradually increased brand investment in recent years. The strength is undoubtedly not small, but it is far more important than having an industry explosion. Therefore, Jiang Xiaobai is going to go long.
    Summary of three sentences: First, we must make breakthroughs in the product. Since the market for young people should have a unique product advantage. Why must we follow the definition of traditional liquor? The second is to have a long -lasting industry explosion. Similar to Alipay’s search for koi to help young people realize some kind of ideals from life and increase user viscosity. The third is to cultivate users’ loyalty. This positioning can not be so high -end, but it is necessary to allow users to form a certain emotional cognition without drinking Jiang Xiaobai in a certain scenario. Jiang Xiaobai, the Jiang Xiaobai, who is pure love “, Jiang Xiaobai’s love version of Jiang Xiaobai,” Escape from Life, Good “in Jiang Xiaobai, which can help users realize Some kind of dream, whether it is the global or endorsing Jiang Xiaobai, can be realized.

  2. This is because Jiang Xiaobai’s taste is good, and it is loved by young people. The main thing is that there will be some daily quotations on Jiang Xiaobai bottle.

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