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  1. 智能化相关的专业有:rn1、智能控制技术专业:是机械电子工程技术与智能控制专业知识相结合的产物,将模糊控制、神经网络控制、混沌控制、遗传算法、专家控制系统、 The theories of cluster intelligent control and artificial immune system are applied to the actual situation of mechanical and electrical engineering, including design and simulation of intelligent systems, intelligent system maintenance, system operation, test analysis and management.
    2, intelligent construction major: based on civil engineering major, facing national strategic needs and the upgrading and transformation of the construction industry, integrating mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, electronic information and its automation, engineering management and other majors to become new Engineering majors.
    3, artificial intelligence majors: Artificial intelligence major is a major planned by Chinese colleges and universities. It aims to cultivate applied talents in the Chinese artificial intelligence industry and promote the construction of first -level disciplines of artificial intelligence.
    4. Professional majors in building electrical and intelligent: Cultivate the basic theoretical knowledge and the basic theoretical knowledge of the design, installation and commissioning, operation management, and the special environment of various departments of the national economy departments Capability is a senior engineering and technical personnel who can work in the design research institute, construction engineering company, property management company and related scientific research, production, teaching and other units.
    5. Professional engineering technology of intelligent engineering: This major is a specialized level of ordinary colleges and universities, three years of academic system, and accepted the study, guidance, consultation, and service of the teaching and guidance committees of the National Higher Vocational College Education Education Professional Teaching and Guidance Committee.
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  2. Construction intelligent projects include: 1. Computer management system engineering; 2. Building equipment self -control system engineering; 3. Security monitoring and anti -theft alarm system engineering; 4. Smart card system engineering; 5. communication system engineering; 6. Satellite and common television system system Engineering; 7. Garage management system engineering; 8. Comprehensive wiring system engineering; 9. Computer network system engineering; 10. Broadcast system engineering; 11. Conference system engineering; 12. Demand system engineering; 13. Intelligent community comprehensive property management system management system Engineering; 14. Visual Conference System Engineering; 15. Large screen display system engineering; 16. Smart light and audio control system engineering

  3. The emphasis on computer majors are “intelligent science and technology majors”. Compared with the basic computer science and technology major, this major focuses on artificial intelligence directions. The main courses involve intelligent robots, intelligent information acquisition, intelligent management, etc. After graduation, you can engage in scientific research, development and management of intelligent technology and engineering. It is worth noting that the artificial intelligence knowledge learned by the undergraduate stage of intelligent science and technology majors is relatively superficial. Because there are many courses and difficulty, students have no time to do in -depth research. Ebits, otherwise it is not very good. Intelligent science and technology are a new major developed in recent years. There are fewer colleges and universities in China, around 30.
    The major here, artificial intelligence

  4. Intelligent control technology major: It is the product of the combination of mechanical and electronic engineering technology and intelligent control expertise. It will apply fuzzy control, neural network control, chaos control, genetic algorithm, expert control system, cluster intelligent control, and artificial immune system. The actual project includes the design and simulation of intelligent systems, maintenance, system operation, test analysis and management.

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