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  1. The five questions that the beauty artist interview must be known
    The five questions that the beauty artist interview is the most important. With the rapid development of the beauty industry, the beautician, beauty consultant, beauty instructor and other positions, we interview the profession. What should I pay attention to? Take a look at the five questions that the beauty master interview is most important
    The five questions that the beauty artist interview is the most important question. 1 Why do you come here
    Why are the beauticians who come here to apply? Through this question, the interviewer wants to know why you leave a beauty salon, your future, and how much you know about the beauty salon you are applying for now. Before interviewing, remember to think about the answers to these questions. This is the real purpose of letting you try it.
    What do you can do for us
    The test of you to me, the interviewer naturally wants to know how many pounds you have, whether it meets the requirements of our recruitment positions. So, what experience and skills do you have? How much do you know about the beauty industry and the position of beauticians? How do you solve the problem in work? The answers to these questions may wish to think in advance in advance, so as to show the best side in front of the interviewer.

    This type of person
    Is you are a cheerful person, but if you need to find a quiet girl, I am afraid that this position is not suitable for you. Therefore, in the interview, the interviewer also needs to understand which type of person you are, to see if it can be consistent with the company’s cultural concepts, whether it can quickly integrate into our big family, and only after understanding whether the job seeker is us. The beauty artist who is looking for.
    What aspects of your competitive advantage
    and many competitors PK, if you do n’t have the advantage of yourself, I believe you will be selected soon. So in the interview, one of the most often asked questions about the interviewer is where your competitive advantage is. If compared to other candidates, you are first -rate whether you are professional and sales. I believe that after the interview Get satisfactory reply.
    Is can we afford you
    The meaning your expectation salary is within our budget? If you are there, the above four questions are answered well. This ending is a big one. And if your expectations are not within our budget, the interviewer has to consider it. After all, you are indeed excellent, and the interviewer has to go back to discuss with the big boss.
    The five questions that beauty artists interviews are the most important questions. 2 Beauty artists should pay attention to
    1. Occupational ethics
    E each occupation must pay attention to professional ethics, and be a good beautician, Professional ethics must also be understood. A good and moral beauty master who has good emotions, they will calmly appease customers and find the most suitable reasons when they meet customer complaints. For every customer, don’t talk about the length of the person behind. Do not talk about private affairs in front of customers and be a quiet listener. And a person with good professional ethics must be positive and optimistic about work attitude and enthusiasm.
    2. Professional knowledge
    Beauty artists need professional knowledge to do a good job, and the training of professional knowledge for the beauty artist makes the beautician master the knowledge and skills. Affects the achievements and efficiency of work. When a beauty master has a good job, he is optimistic about everyone. Will you say that her work enthusiasm is not good?
    3. Brand background
    The brands and brands that beauty salons are running are training, so that the beauticians understand the characteristics and usage of these brands, so that the beauty artists can introduce them to customers. When the product is doubtful, you can answer it in detail. This is the content of training. Only when the beautician understands the product brand she is touched every day, can she use her handy to use it for customers. While the beauty artist is satisfied with the brand, it also improves the customer. The best moment of professionalism and enthusiasm for work.
    4. Public relations etiquette
    The training of public relations etiquette is not only the responsibility of a beautician, but also the responsibility of a beautician to customers. With the training of public relations and etiquette, the beautician will know more enthusiastic and generous, and take the initiative to receive every customer. Only then do they know how to say hello to customers how to receive customers and how to serve customers. How to do a good job of service just right. And all this will also be a good enthusiasm for the work of beauticians.
    5. Beauty salon culture
    The culture is found in every beauty salon. The importance of culture plays a very large role in the development and growth of a beauty salon, and let the beauty artist clear the beauty. The culture of the hospital, such as harmonious culture, integrity culture, etc., allows beauty artists to understand the glowing point of beauty salons, and let the beauty salon good cultural infection beauty artist. This infection is the best infection to improve the enthusiasm of the beautician.

    6. To become a qualified beautyian must have certain theoretical cultivation
    The development of the beauty industry today can accurately carry out consulting services, and to answer the various questions raised by customers in truth -seeking, and continuously improve their appreciation capabilities in order to serve customers with high levels.
    7. Skills
    beauty skin care is a technology and an art. The beautiful skin is actually a picture of the beauty artist’s concept and drawing. Therefore, beautyists must not only have deep artistic cultivation and correct aesthetics, but also master the superb beauty and skin care skills and quantities. In this way, the initiative can be obtained in Meirong service.
    8. Good service consciousness is the most powerful sales method
    A. Smile service: It can give the other party a good first impression. By smiling, you can show your personal charm and affinity, which affects the mood of customers and create a relaxed and happy mood for customers.
    B. Family service: Beauty artists must always stand on the customer’s standpoint, want customers to think, try to eliminate their inner concerns and doubts as much as possible, and give customers a feeling of home return.
    C. Value service: try to give customers a value -for -money service to make it really worthy of money.
    9. It is a solid step for you to fully show your good self -character.
    A. With good work habits, customers will be very easy. Accept you, agree with you, and then she will agree with your products and accept your service.
    B. We must have the right aesthetics, know how to appreciate customers, praise customers, and let customers accept you and your products and services happily.
    C. When working, you must fully show your good appearance to your customers. Bringing emotions to work is the biggest taboo. Clean, dignified, and generous dressing is also one aspect of your good appearance.

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