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  1. Last night, I was finally determined to do what has been hesitating.

    The reason why I did not determine before was because I was afraid that I could not persist, because after entering the group, I had to read a reading notes every day, and I had to hand in my homework every day. If you do n’t do your homework either a red envelope or be kicked out of the group, because you are not sure if you can do it, he has been hesitating.

    I didn’t hesitate to hesitate last night. Many times, hesitation will lose a lot. In fact, I paid attention to this reading group the year before, but I have been looking for excuses. Now I am too busy. Join, then there is more time to read. In fact, if you think about it carefully, are you really so busy? Can’t you get out for a few minutes? Stone is just ahead.

    Mi I felt that I had no time before. Later, after learning and writing, I still took the time. I wrote it every day. Now, I can draw time to write notes.

    has several main reasons why you want to join the reading group:

    1. Some people supervise themselves, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous reading and develop good habits Essence

    people are all like this. When no one is supervised, it is very scattered. If you want to do it, you often do it for 3 minutes. It’s gone. There are a lot of books on my bookshelf, but I have read a few seriously.

    2. Write reading notes every day, which can improve your reading quality.

    The is the reason to say that it was the reason at the beginning. I was afraid that I did n’t have time to read it, I was afraid that I could n’t write it, but I thought about it. It is effective reading. I have read a lot of books and read some good articles before, but now, I basically have no impression, and I don’t even remember it. I will be more impressive. Even if you forget, you can think of it, at least remember to read this book.

    3. Persist in doing one thing with a group of people. You will not feel lonely, and you can also share your reading experience with each other.

    4. Reading helps to improve the level of writing, but more importantly, in order to improve yourself, increase your knowledge, and strongly.

    said so many reasons. In fact, the last one is the real reason for joining the reading group. Otherwise, I work so busy every day, why do I have to read. Because reading can benefit yourself a lot, he insists on doing it, because he doesn’t want to live a lifetime.

    In I want to tell 2 stories, one of which is the teacher An Heng and me of the story reading group. The following are part of the conversation between me and Mr. Anheng.

    Anheng: I tell you a story.

    I: Eh.

    Anheng: Last year, there was a civil servant in a group. I persisted for 1 year and did not ask for leave for a day. What do you know after the harvest?

    Anheng: strong inner, resigned, huh.

    I: Oh, I also hope that I can become strong in my heart, and now it is easy to be affected by the outside world, so I want to improve my own inner through reading and writing.

    Anheng: Well, this is the value of long -term insistence on reading.

    It I want to tell the second story. The second story is seen in “Novel Class”. “bet”.

    The story is about a young banker and a lawyer a boring gambling. The banker thinks that life imprisonment is terrible. The banker could not sit in the prison for 5 years with 2 million gambling lawyers. The lawyer not only agreed, but also added the bet to 15 years.

    The is like this, lawyers were imprisoned in a small house in the back garden of the banker. Within 15 years, lawyers can read any books, but they can’t go out or say a word.

    In the first year, the lawyers watched some relaxed novels, comedies, love and the like.

    The second year, lawyers only look at classical works.

    In the fifth year, the lawyer did not read and only wrote things, but it was torn after writing. It was not crying.

    In the sixth year, lawyers are keen on works such as language, philosophy and history.

    Ten years later, lawyers read the gospel, as well as religious history and theological works.

    The last two years, lawyers read everything, including literature, philosophy, theological works. In fact, the books read from lawyers have clearly knew his inner transformation.

    In seeing it is coming for 15 years, the lawyer won steadily, but at this time the banker is not rich. If he pays 2 million, he will go bankrupt, so the banker gets a bad heart and wants He was going to kill a lawyer. At night, he sneaked into the prison room quietly. Before he started, he saw a piece of paper next to the lawyer lying on the table, which was written on it:

    Freedom, regain the right to associate with others. However, before I left this room to see the sun, I think it is necessary to say a few words to you. With innocent conscience, in the face of God who stare at me, I declare to you: I despise freedom, life, health, … In order to show everything you depend on survival with action, I give up those 2 million, although I used to say that I used to be I dreamed of this money like heaven, but now I despise it. In order to abandon this right, I decided to leave here 5 hours before the prescribed period, thereby violating the contract …

    This is this is that this is what is The power of reading, the value of reading …

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