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  1. Can’t tell you specific brands, but you can tell you some judgment methods. The current situation of the moxa industry is chaotic. If you do n’t understand, you can ask me to consult with me.
    For most moxibustion novices, facing Taobao’s various moxa can not start. Coupled with the irresponsible publicity of the Internet, many people buy moxa to enter the misunderstanding. The moxa is not an other product. It is used for treatment. Money can be wasted and time is not waiting. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the effective real moxa. Don’t feel bad about that money.
    . Calculate cost
    Answer: Take the standard moxa of 8: 1 as an example. The weight of a single root is about 26g.
    8: 1 means that 8 kg of wormwood leaves produce 1 kg of moxa, the cost of Ai leaf is about 8 yuan per kilogram, and 1 kg of moxa requires 8 kg of Ai leaf, which is about 64 yuan.
    1 kilograms of moxa roll 39 and moxa bar, convert, the cost of a moxa bar is 64/39 = 1.6 yuan, and this is only the cost of moxa, as well as other costs of processing. So how did those cheap moxa come from? Is it a loss to be charity at a loss. Ha ha. The answer below.
    . Why is the price gap so large on the Internet?
    : The main price is still different. The higher the proportion, the more expensive the price. Because the high ratio is purified many times, there are fewer and fewer moxa produced in the same wormwood, so it is expensive.
    It, many manufacturers’ moxa is not produced in pure wormwood leaves. They are crushed together with the entire wormwood connecting rod, so the cost is very low, and basically it is good for a year. Also, it is basically planted artificially, and collected several times a year. In addition, many cheap golden moxa looks golden on the surface, in fact, it is a low -proportion of moxa mixed with Ai flour. This moxa surface is golden and tightly rolled.
    . Why do you push/recommend these proportion of moxa?
    Answer: This is the conclusion I have drawn from my feedback experience based on non -/numbers. The requirements for our choice of moxa are basically effective/fruit, the price should be combined/suitable, the smoke is smaller, we cannot be stubborn, etc. I do n’t push/recommend too high, because the high proportion of over -crushing will cause the efficacy of wormwood to be destroyed and lost. Too high proportion of moxibustion is not proportional to the proportion, and the proportion is too large. Too low proportion is too large, too much residue, easy to drop ash. So I push/recommend novice to choose 8: 1 and 15: 1 moxa for trial/use.
    8: 1 Main features of moxa strips: large firepower, large smoke, feeling dry, burning will not be so sufficient.
    15: 1 Main features: The firepower is relatively mild, the smoke is smaller, and it is easy to ignite and burn.
    This above feelings, different people have different feelings. If your body is cold and damp, then when you use 15: 1 moxa, you may feel that the firepower is not enough, too gentle, and no effect. At this time, 8: 1 is very/suitable. Similarly, if your body is not serious, you will feel too dry with 8: 1, and it will look more comfortable with 15: 1. Different proportions have different characteristics, you know your body best. If there is no particularly obvious difference, then it is better to say, buy 8: 1 because it is cheap and affordable. If you still feel inappropriate, choose the corresponding different diameter moxa to compare.
    The different characteristics of different moxa strips, different parts of the body also have different needs. For example, try to choose a small and gentle high -proportion moxa on the face. The bottom of the feet to withdraws a large low ratio. Women’s privacy parts need high proportion because Ai Yan will be pure.
    . The view of the magazine such as stone mortar, stone mill, and stone mill.
    : Many people are pursuing the so -called ancient legal system Ai, the so -called low -temperature stone mortar process. As everyone knows, the handmade stone mortar craftsmanship has been artificially occupied, the product is extremely low, and it is impossible to sell them in batches. The pure handicrafts on the Internet are all fake. of.
    The also a stone mill process, which is also known as a low temperature process. In fact, it is really self -deceiving. It is nonsense because a temperature depreciates the velvet of the machine. The difference between the stone mill process and the machine is the difference in materials. If you want to have a large output, the equipment is large, the number is large, and the speed is fast. This is the basic requirement. A stone mill itself is determined that it is not a large one, and the pursuit of low temperature speed will be very slow, so the moxa production of a stone mill is extremely low. So the question comes, the sales of Shi Mo Emo, how much the output increases, can only increase the number of stone mills. I really want to know that the seller occupies a few acres of land and placed hundreds of stone mills. Machined at the same time. Ha ha. What is even more ridiculous is the temperature, how to explain the principle of drilling wood. The speed of everything will generate high temperature. Wood will be high temperature, let alone stone mill. The machine is already very developed, and the machine is completely based on the rate of ratio according to the best process, and there is no so -called ultra -high temperature at all. Is the temperature of stone mills the same conditions as metal, the temperature of the stone mill is much lower than the temperature produced by the metal? Intersection hehe.
    The how many craftsmanship of the machine to sell the machine to make velvet. I think most of them are mixed with the moxa of the machine, or the Ai Ye was crushed with a machine in the early stage. It is Shi Mo Si Emo. So don’t believe that the moisture that is under the banner of pure handicrafts is the fundamental significance of pursuing profits. The key is not much different from the use.
    . What does the proportion of moxa mean?
    Answer: For example, 8: 1 means that 8 kg of wormwood leaves produce 1 kg of moxa, which means a purity. Being a metaphor, it may be 8: 1 twice, and then it may become 15: 1 when it is crushed twice. The higher the proportion, the higher the purity, the more delicate. In other words, 15: 1 is more delicate than 8: 1, and “impurities” are less. The impurities here are not to say that other things are mixed. It is just due to different crafts. Wordworms are used as plants, with different parts such as leaf meat, leaf veins, and petioles. The latter part has different colors and postures in each part. As far as the level of lift in my country is concerned, no matter how fine the processing is, there will always be a little wormwood petiole fiber. This is the “impurities” of everyone’s popular saying. It is impossible to achieve a little “impurities”! It’s like the difference between corn dregs and corn noodles. So I said, the quality of the moxa bar that cannot be said, the quality of the moxa is good. Different proportion presents its own true state. There is no quality comparison, only feelings. You are not satisfied with which proportion of moxa, it will always be that state. This is the characteristic of the proportion of moxa, not a disadvantage.
    six. Which proportion of moxa need to choose to treat diseases?
    : The proportion of mocks has nothing to do with the quality of the moxa, and it has nothing to do with the treatment of any disease. Different ratio is only compared to the production process of moxa. It’s not that the high ratio is a good moxa. What kind of moxa is suitable for each person is based on personal feelings and physical conditions. I do n’t recommend high proportion, because high proportion of over -crushing will destroy the medicine of wormwood itself. Too low proportion is too large, and there are too many residue. The proportion of ancient times was also 3: 1.8: 1 relative to 15: 1 firepower and large smoke. This feels different people with different feelings. If your body is cold and damp, then when you use 15: 1 moxa, you may feel that the firepower is not enough. It is too gentle and has no effect. At this time, it is very suitable for 8: 1. Similarly, if your body is not serious, you will feel too dry with 8: 1, and it will look more comfortable with 15: 1. Different proportions have different characteristics, you know your body best. It is recommended to try it yourself. If anyone preach the high proportion, the moxa with no impurities is a good moxa, basically online people Yun Yiyun. If you believe it, don’t buy it here. I prefer to recommend a low proportion.

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