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  1. People who have been in contact with advertising companies know that advertising companies generally divide people into three categories:

    1. Customers (pick -up, AD/AM/AE …)

    2. Creative (out of ideas, copywriting/art …)

    3. Executive (making materials)

    Operations and development are the same, but most people do not know how thin and perverted these 4A companies are divided …

    4A company position set:

    1. AAD [Acount Director] —— Deputy Customer Director

    2. AAD [Art Director] —— Vice Art Director

    3. ACD [Creative Director] —— R n
    4. AD [account director] —— Customer service director, business guidance

    5. AD [Art Director] —— art director Working of work)

    6. AE [Acount Executive] -C customer execution, customer service, customer director; budget executor, responsible for all related businesses between advertising agents and advertisers, concepts, concepts, concepts, concepts, concepts , Liaison of Budget, Advertising Performance

    7. AM [Account Manager] —— Customer Manager

    8. AP [Account Planner] —— There are two types of business planning)

    9. [Artist] ——Profotor

    10. ASM [Area Sale Manager] R n 11. CD [Creative Director] -The creative director, creative director, and creative guidance (the predecessor of CD, either a writer or art design, because of accumulating rich experience, and excellent creative achievements and become supervisory supervision )

    12. [Copy Director] —— Copywriting guidance

    13. CGH [Creative Group Head] —— Creative team leader

    14. [Computer] —— Computer Drawingman

    15. CW [] —— The writer

    16. DCS [Director of Client Service] -The customer supervisor

    17. ECD [exec UTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR] —— Executive Creative Director

    18. FA 〔FINISH Artist] —— finished manuscript, artist

    19. 〔Finish Artist Group Head] ——

    20. GAD [GROUP Account Director] —— Customer Group Director

    21. GCD [Group Creative Director] -The creative group director
    n n n n 22. GMD [General Managing Director] —— General Manager

    23. MD [Media Director] —— Media Guidance, Media Department Manager

    24. [Media] – Media Director, Media Director

    25. [Media Planner] —— Media Planning

    26. [Planning Director] — [Planning] —— Planning Director

    28. [Print Proction Manager] —— Graphic Manager

    29. 〔PROCTION Manager] ——
    30. [Research] ——

    31. SAD [Senior Art Director] —— Advanced Art Guidance

    32. SCW [Senior] – Advanced copywriting

    33. [Studio Manager] ——Adrawn manager, operating room manager

    34. 〔Traffic Control (TRAFFIC)] —— n
    35. [traffic] —— Graphic production coordinating

    36. [tv procer] —— producer

    37.〕 —— —— , Illustrator, drawer, visual design

    38. [Group head] -The visual design team leader

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