1 thought on “How to search for group numbers to join the group chat”

  1. Use a group number to find in the public group.
    First turn on the mobile phone nail, click to search above, enter the nail group number in the search box, click the “Internet Check the Open Group”, and then select the searched nail group chat number. In the middle, click “Application to join the group”, then enter the verification application, click “Send”, and you can join the group chat after the application is approved.
    Net Dingtalk is an enterprise version of the instant messaging application software launched by Alibaba Group, China, which provides a variety of languages ​​and supports multiple operating systems. It is developed by Alibaba Group and officially launched in 2015. The platform is free to allocate to all to all to all Chinese enterprises, for business communication and work synergy, help Chinese companies through systematic solutions to improve the communication and synergies of Chinese enterprises in all aspects.

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