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  1. First of all, familiar with the products of your company, remember the size of the well road, the size of the computer room, the requirements of the pits, and so on. This is the foundation.
    Secondly, we probably understand the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of other elevator brands that compete with you in the market.
    Then you can start contacting customers. There are several ways to find project information:
    It go to the design institute, the design institute will undertake the design work of many projects, so they are the initial initial project of the project. Starting to work, if they can help you, you will get a steady stream of project information
    In looking for agents, developing their own agents, establishing a good connection, everyone cooperates with each other Business generally has its own source of information. Through it, you can also get information
    In the road to find it. As long as the roadside is preparing to build or is under construction, it is project information, and directly enter the project information, and directly enter the project information. Asked, many successful sales are starting from running a big pit
    If you want to do well and make more money, then work hard, make more friends, and communicate with others

  2. The elevator business is also divided into several sectors. From the process:
    1, the new ladder business: the entire ladder sales section. Hand information, then organize and screen and follow up with this information.
    2, installation business: Install the engineering sector. The target customer group of this sector is the factories, branches, agents, elevator companies of each elevator brand.
    3, maintenance business: After -sales service sector, the target customer base of this sector is a logistics management department such as property management companies, general affairs, infrastructure office, and barracks.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Early information must be obtained. Generally, when the house considers the installation of the elevator, add the elevator shaft from the earth construction design. When the house is built, the elevator has been booked or installed. Bidding agencies can get first -hand resources through the Planning Bureau and Design Institute.n2. You can view the results of the land auction through the public resource trading center, and there will be the name of the transaction party on it. You can check the information information online.n3. Learn more about the project information in the area. You must find the owner and do work in time in the planning period. The units involved in real estate projects include developers and construction vendors. These data can be collected through cloud speed data. After finding a timely visit, you should visit in time and track and contact regularly.nWhat are the conditions for making an elevator sales agent?nAnswer 1. Agent request (1) The agent is over 18 years old. It has legal business qualifications, has independent civil liability capabilities (2) The agent’s credit is good, there are no bad records, good lines, good health, entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, their entrepreneurship The idea has been supported by the family (3) The agent understands the local market, and has rich connections and resources in the local area, with certain public relations capabilities, planning capabilities, organizational capabilities and management capabilities Brand awareness, can recognize and accept the corporate culture and business philosophy of the agent brand, abide by the rules and regulations of the headquarters, be willing to obey the unified management of the headquarters, and always maintain the brand’s reputation (5) The agent has the correct outlook on life, Value and worldview can rationally treat the relationship between investment and returns, and have the courage and ability to undertake business failure 2. Starting funds requires investors to have certain financial capabilities, and their funds are sufficient to meet investment requirements. 3. The operating venue requires investors to have a suitable place in the local area, the location of the store is good, and the surrounding people are concentrated.nAsk me that I am not suitable for sales, which channels can I find a number of channels for installation of elevators.nAt the same time, do my door need to install a qualification certificate?nAnswer how to apply for an elevator installation and maintenance certificate where to apply for a regular-Training Tong /News-Yuehong /22098650nAsk the teacher for your answer, thank younAnswer, do you have any other questions? If you are satisfied with my service, please give me a praisenMore 8nBleak

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