5 thoughts on “Is it a “harmful pot”? Is it really toxic and carcinogenic? Is this reliable?”

  1. 许多群体都觉得不粘锅是有害而且可以导致癌症的,我觉得这类观点并非特别的可靠,由于初期的不粘锅在表面上有涂一层化合物,长期用可能产生致癌物质的状况,但是Now my country has already banned the use of such ingredients, so most of the kitchen utensils are particularly reliable, and it is not easy to affect physical and mental health. In the case of buying non -stick pots, it is best to take a look at the instructions of the use. Essence There are also many ingredients in the pot on the market today. It is best to choose a wok in the process of cooking, so that it can make the taste better. If it is water, stir -fry the sea, or cook, you can choose to buy non -stick pots, which can also prevent some harmful substances from being too high when cooking.
    If it is used for soup or stewed porridge, you can choose a porcelain pot, which can also be more physically and mentally healthy. In fact, non -stick pan is safer, but it also has a very direct connection with the operation method. When used, you must pay attention to controlling the ambient temperature so that it can prevent harmful objects from dissolving. In the case of using non -stick pots, try not to choose a steel wire brush to wash the pan. It will be very easy to make the plating of the surface layer of the non -sticky pot bursting out. Entering into the human body is not good for physical and mental health.
    Mi -plating on the surface layer on the surface of the market is full of polytrafluoroethylene. Such compounds have good thermal stability and cold resistance, and can also resist alkali primer paint and various types. Organic solutions have weak reliability, and all components cannot corrode such compounds. When most customers use it, they are worried that it will dissolve harmful objects in continuous high temperature, which will be very easy to inhale into the human body.
    In fact, in the case of making food, the ambient temperature cannot have all harm within 260 degrees, and it is not easy to change without sticky pots. Under normal circumstances, if some ingredients are fried, the ambient temperature is still around 200 degrees, and it will not exceed 250 degrees, so it is not easy to dissolve some harmful objects and can be used with confidence.

  2. There are two restrictions on the use of non -stick pots. One: It cannot be used to make acidic foods. Two: The use temperature should not exceed 250 degrees. Theoretically, the temperature we usually cook generally does not exceed 260 degrees, and it does not cause the painting to decompose. Under the temperature conditions of Teflon, it is relatively stable, and it will be decomposed by more than 300 degrees. Therefore inside. Therefore, it is fake that the non -sticky pot is toxic and carcinogenic. As long as you buy it in regular channels and use it correctly, you can use it with confidence. The daily frying and frying are generally no problem.

  3. uncertain. It depends on the manufacturers of production. Some bad manufacturers use a processing auxiliary, which can cause cancer, and the coating is generally not carcinogenic.

  4. No, this statement is unreliable, and there is no reliable scientific basis that indicates that non -stick pan is toxic and carcinogenic. If this is really the case, the country will never allow any non -stick pot to flow into the market.

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