5 thoughts on “What brand is not sticky and healthy?”

  1. Cooking emperors, I personally believe in the old brand brand. Everyone knows that everyone knows it. Now that they have used it, there are more and more patents in hand, and the pot is getting better and better. You can go and see , I use their all -around pot now, I like it quite, it is okay to do anything, it is very convenient ∞

  2. I feel that this brand is not so fixed. Generally, you go to the big supermarket to buy it. The quality of the product is guaranteed. I suggest that you should not shop online.

  3. The non -stick pot is a pot that does not stick to the bottom of the pot, because the bottom of the pan is not sticky, and the common and best non -stick performance is Telmon coating and ceramic coating. The non -stick pot products can be divided into cooking pots, frying cookers, cookers, and milk pots according to different functions. According to the inner surface non -stick coating system, it can be divided into one -layer, two -layer system, and three -layer system pot. One

    1, SUPOR (Supor) non -stick pot

    Recommended reasons: Supor has been bought for several years in a row. Well, it is my favorite, first of all quality There are guarantees, especially this pot, super easy to use, fine workmanship, large heating area of ​​the bottom of the pot, the pot lid is transparent, the sealing effect is good, the pot is very light, the use of it is convenient, the non -sticky effect is particularly good, the cleaning is particularly clean, it is particularly cleaned. It is convenient and the price is also very reasonable. It can only be described by perfectly, strongly recommended, really like it, the cost performance is particularly high

    Supor Supor Yijie’s non-stick stir-fried cooker 32cm electromagnetic stir-fried cooker EC32SP01– J
    9 139
    Monthly selling 24,000
    Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd. is the largest and second cooker R

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