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  1. Anhui Medical University First Affiliated Hospital, Anhui Provincial Hospital, Anhui Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and the former 105th Hospital of Nanjing Military Region. You can check the contact number at the “AA69 Auxiliary Reproductive Center”.
    of which 4 hospitals can carry out the first and second -generation IVF techniques. Among them, the first affiliated hospital of Anhui Medical University can also carry out the pre -implanted premium genetic diagnosis technology, which can meet the chromosomal abnormalities. Family genetic genes of diseases.
    The well -known pregnancy assistance company with professional IVFC consultation services and good industry reputation, in the inheritance of life, only to light up the hope of the family and inherit the “responsibility”. After fourteen years of market precipitation, it has developed into a professional service team with more than 300 people and helps more than 9,000 families. If more than 12,000 AA69 pregnant babies are born, the well -known AA69 pregnancy consulting service institution in the reproductive field is assisted. By creating the top AA69 pregnant medical team, a professional medical consultant department, a high -quality pregnancy management center, a fast response AA69 pregnant customer service department, cooperate closely, and provide you with high -quality 24 -hour seamless connection. Essence

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