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  1. Interview Answer: Why choose the profession of kindergarten teachers
    Am in the interview, why should I choose the profession of kindergarten teachers? [Answer]:
    First of all, you have to set your position to win the praise from the examiner. Whether each sentence is from the heart, is it willing to dedicate himself for this job, for the next generation of flowers.
    Secondly, you have to show that you like children very much, I like children’s innocence, and the children’s lively and smart. Being with the child seemed to return to that worry -free childhood again. When watching the child’s innocent smile, he would be particularly happy and happy with the child. s reason.
    Then you must strengthen your choice. It is the achievements and emotions of harvesting during work. Children will never meet, never eat by themselves to what can help teachers can do what they can, and never talk to talking to confident conversations. These are the biggest gifts that children bring you. Must be the biggest gain.
    Finally, combine your own experience, summarize the gains and outlook of this job.
    [Children’s Teacher]:
    In the kindergarten work plan, the parent work plan is an important content. It is not just the responsibility of the children’s teacher to educate the comprehensive quality of children to improve the comprehensive quality of children. Want to reach home interaction and educate together.
    The child teachers must allow parents to understand the kindergarten education goals in a timely manner, so as to cooperate with kindergarten for education. For the common educational goals, the parent work plan of kindergarten has been formulated in the new year.
    Why should you choose a teacher in the industry in the industry: Good morning!
    Today is a turning point in my life, because all the educational predecessors and experts sitting in front of me; I am nervous, because your score will determine whether I can realize that I can become a kindergarten teacher. dream!
    I answering the first question “Why choose the profession of kindergarten teachers”, please allow me to introduce myself simply.
    I am a player No. 5 and studied in a preschool education major in a university. I graduated in July this year. I am about to enter the society and I am looking forward to the future. I hope that today I can be my successful starting point. I come from an educational family. My parents are teachers. I have shared the enrichment and happiness they have gained in education since I was a child. I understand the relationship between teachers and students more than my peers, so that when I was a kid, I hope that I can become an excellent people’s teacher when I grow up. In my childhood, my parents found the towns near their school for my preschool education. However, there were almost no early childhood education in the countryside at that time, so I studied in the first grade in advance! Like me like me, I have not experienced the joy and enlightenment of preschool education. So my young mind has a wish: as a child teacher when he grows up! Let rural preschool children enjoy opportunities for preschool education, allow children to enjoy education in the game, and enjoy happiness in education. Later, when I filled out university volunteers, I did not hesitate to choose preschool education. Because of this, I was fortunate to stand in front of the teachers today. Maybe my answer today is not the best, but my heart is the hottest for early childhood education!
    because of love, so I like it; because I like it, choose!
    This is also my answer to the first question “Why choose the profession of kindergarten teachers”.
    The example is the interview questions: Why should the teacher in the industry love preschool education, like children, and are willing to contribute to the healthy and happy growth of young children.
    Why should teachers choose the profession of teacher? Teachers need lectures and lectures. Teachers’ occupations are stable, there are weekends, paid holidays on holidays, and small work pressure. Besides, the campus is pure land
    Why choose the profession of childhood teachers like children … How to answer the profession of teacher? Many answering methods, it can be said that when teachers can educate students to become talents in the future, they can be respected by others, and they can feel the feelings of the students from it! You can understand more knowledge, you can feel the collective power with the teachers in school! You can do your own dedication for your motherland! Anyway, you want to say anything! Don’t say anyway, that’s it!
    “Why choose the profession of teacher?” Who can answer this question? I think it is related to my personal interests
    I I think being the greatness of being a teacher is really as obedient as the book says, because they ushered in and sent away a batch of students. The new face also ushered in their own gray hair. Good students may remember them, but most people have forgotten to educate their teachers.
    but the teacher will not have an opinion, the teaching students who have been working hard. So I think the greatest one will be a teacher, he will not take too much with others.
    Why choose the profession of kindergarten teacher? Baidu explained: Children’s teachers are important forces that cannot be ignored in the teacher team. They are mainly female educators, and they are responsible for educating school -age children, that is, young children. Children’s teachers mainly conduct enlightenment education for children to help them gain beneficial learning experience and promote their comprehensive and harmonious development of their physical and mental. The role of children’s teachers in the process of education is not only a transmitter of knowledge, but also supporters, collaborators, and guidances of children’s learning activities.
    Why choose a specialty teacher for special post teachers as a special policy for rural compulsory education in the western region for the central government. Teaching, guiding and encouraging college graduates to engage in rural compulsory education, innovate the supplementary mechanism of rural school teachers, gradually solve problems such as insufficient total number of teachers in rural schools and unreasonable structures, improve the overall quality of rural teachers, promote the balanced development of urban and rural education in balanced development of urban and rural education. Essence
    The General Office of the Ministry of Education and issued the “Notice on Doing a Good job in the work of the in -service Master of Education of Education in 2011”, and decided to carry out the professional degree of education for the master’s degree in education from the post -service period from 2011. It is understood that in 2011, the training tasks of special education for special education teachers were borne by 36 colleges and universities, and a total of 1,000 people were recruited.
    The “Notice” stipulates that the requirements for the registration of a special degree in education in the service period of the service period are: (1) a bachelor’s degree in general colleges and universities; The special specialty plan implemented by the special post plan, the service period is expired and continued to teach in local schools; (3) the annual assessment in the past three years has passed and at least one assessment is excellent. Under the same conditions, those who have obtained honor of honorary and above the county level are preferred.

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