According to the different characteristics of the customer group, what kind of forms are usually

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  1. Mainly consider the advantages and disadvantages of your own enterprise and the different stages of development. The characteristics of the three types of markets such as factories, office buildings, and government institutions are as follows:
    The advantages of office buildings are relatively concentrated, and it is easier to collect materials and Mo Bai. Generally, As long as you break through a few, you can visit the entire building by the way, so the success rate is also good, but the biggest disadvantage of this market is that competitors are also easy to visit. The customer’s loss rate is very high, especially the husband and wife shop around the office building have a great impact on us;
    The characteristics of the factory are very scattered, and the collection of information is too long. Generally, the security guards are strict and difficult to make Momo. Only by making an appointment can increase the power of entry. At the same time, once the cooperation is not easy to be dug away by competitors, there are few couples next to the factory to participate in competition, so it is difficult for companies with general competition to serve such customers;
    The characteristics of government institutions are that they generally implement unified bidding. The comprehensive strength requirements of the supplier are very high, mainly funds, supply and relationships. The funding in terms of funds is mainly reflected in the tolerance period of the account period. The purchase volume of these units is often very large, and the requirements for the accounting period are relatively long. The cost -effective requirements of the product are high, and the types of types are as complete as possible; the relationship is mainly to contact the person in charge of these units. If you can work internally, you can provide you with bidding information and bidding more conveniently. The degree of difficulty, so as to implement its own bidding plan for purpose.
    Trax manual is the most important information carrier and promotional tools of these three. Its prominent feature is intuitive, facilitating and finding the required items. The disadvantage is that the information cannot be updated in time and the product is not as complete as the website;
    has a large amount of information on the website, and the update is timely. Customers can place orders at any time, but because the office supplies directly sell the industry, there are many varieties and strong professionalism. This often takes a long time, and the general affairs of the purchasing staff are cumbersome, especially in the first three months of the cooperation and the newly on -the -job purchaser, because they are unfamiliar with the products and processes, they can only achieve normal by phone or online to achieve normal normal to achieve normal normal Orders, so although the number of people who choose to query information on the Internet now, the people who choose to order have not become the mainstream. As online orders are placed more convenient and guided, this method will be an inevitable trend.
    The main role of the store is to help the first transaction and close -up ordering. Of course, some driving and running are also purchased directly. The less. The main advantage of the store is that it can be more intuitively allowing customers to see the items and can experience the convenience of the office, but once the store is far from the customer, this will greatly weaken its inherent advantage. At the same time It is better to increase the satisfaction brought by the delivery speed, so it is recommended not to open a store as much as possible, unless you choose a image shop in a city, you can consider it. Not to choose the most prosperous location.

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